As salt volnushki.

In the season of mass harvesting mushroom pickers, many are wondering how it is possible to prepare the mushrooms for the winter.Options for making this product a lot.Mushrooms can fry, pickle, salt and cook.But some species are suitable only for a specific method of harvesting.These can be attributed volnushki.They contain a milky sap that gives them the bitterness and the wrong treatment method can cause poisoning.So let's talk about how to pickle volnushki.

They are usually salted or pickled cold way.The cooking process takes a little longer than some other species of fungi.But the result is worth the wait.

volnushki should carefully go through, removing old and damaged items.They were then washed with running water.After that mushrooms are soaked in a little salted water.This process takes about 3-5 days.For their soaking is necessary to take enameled pots or wooden tub.Mushrooms should be placed in the prepared container and put on top of the load, to prevent them emerge.During the soaking should be at least two times a day to change the water.Keep a container of mushrooms should be in a cool place.

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After soaking in volnushki bitterness disappears and the hat is soft and brittle.Therefore, this process is necessarily carried out before salting volnushki.

most optimal for harvesting volnushek is salting cold way.Soaked mushrooms are laid into the prepared container (except aluminum) caps down, forming layers.Every two layer should pour salt and spices to shift.They need to prepare before salting volnushki.Usually take pepper black pepper, dill (very well with mushrooms), bay leaves and leaves of some plants on request (currant, cherry, and so on. D.)

per kilogram of mushrooms take about 50 grams of salt.

When the mushrooms are packed, they must be covered with gauze on top of the net (in several layers) or cloth.Then put a wooden club and put a small weight on top.We reserve volnushki for a few days.Usually 5-6 days appears brine.Mushrooms become dense.If not, you should increase the weight of the cargo and container cover with foil.Mushrooms have to stand in a cold place.

During pickling can be formed on top of the mold.In this case, you must thoroughly wash wooden circle and change the cloth.You can remove the top layer of mushrooms, which are formed on the mold.As salting mushrooms will shrink in volume.You can report new layers and sprinkling them with salt and spices shifting.

1.5-2 months can already eat salty volnushki.Salting does not require special efforts.

can also conserve pickled mushrooms.To do this, take a clean glass jars of 0.5 liter capacity and lay in each of them a few peppercorns (fragrant) and one bay leaf.Mushrooms throws in a colander and washed with boiled water.Spread them in a jar.

Next you need to pickle in which solilis volnushki, boil and strain.The banks with mushrooms, pour two tablespoons of vinegar (5%).Then they topped up in the brine.If the brine is not enough, then replace it with a freshly prepared.For this breed in hot boiling water (1 liter), 20 grams of salt.

should then be covered jars with metal lids (but do not roll!) And sterilize them for 40 minutes Then cover tightly sealed jars and leave until cool.Here is how to pickle volnushki cold way and save them for a long time.

Pickled mushrooms can be served as an appetizer to any dishes and side dishes.

Knowing how to cook volnushki, you can save the entire harvest of mushrooms, then to a long time to enjoy the good qualities of these foods.