How to cook cabbage burgers

During the Lenten fasting or dieting will help to diversify the menu cabbage burgers, tasty and tender dish that is perfect, and in a normal day for lunch or dinner.Options recipes you can find quite a lot.The main component of food, of course, be itself cabbage, to which are added a variety of products, depending on the cooking process, which has been selected.

Thus, half a kilo of vegetable will need 2 tablespoons (no slides) spoons of semolina, as much bread crumbs and vegetable oil.In addition it will be necessary where a half a cup (proportions may vary slightly, depending on the taste of cooking) of water and a pinch of salt.

Cabbage finely shred thin knife, folded into a bowl in which to prepare.This also added to the oil with water and all stewed until soft.To prepare the dish at this stage it is recommended to take a deep pan, cover with lid or a small saucepan.When sprouts reaches the desired softness in the dish placed semolina, salt, and everything is left to heat for 10 minutes.The resulting mass is cooled, it formed from small balls, which is shaped oblong patties.They breading (if not, it is possible for this purpose once again use semolina), stir-fried on the hot skillet until golden brown crust on top.Garnish to the dish can serve mashed potatoes or salad.

Equally simple way of cooking hamburgers whose main ingredient is kale, next.Heat half a cup of milk on the stove.The liquid is added to 50 g of butter (softened or melted), cooking salt to taste.It is poured into strips and chopped cabbage.The mixture was left to heat for 15 minutes.At the moment when the cabbage is soft enough, here in small portions with constant stirring, add 3 tablespoons of semolina.After this mass is removed from the heat.The mixture is placed ostuzhennoy egg, all mixed thoroughly.The resulting mixture is formed small patties.Cabbage balls dipped in beaten egg, then in breadcrumbs and laid out on a greased baking sheet.Prepare cabbage cutlets in the oven, preheated to 180 degrees for half an hour.You can fry dish in a pan.Before you apply, it is recommended to sprinkle on top of chops fresh cut greens.

to weight during cooking from sticking to your hands, it is recommended to moisten them in cold water.Also recommended slaw no larger than 2 cm. Softening vegetables semolina can kill in a blender, then the mixture will be more dense and homogeneous.

There is a recipe in which you can cook cabbage burgers "lazy."This cooking method saves time, however, the dish turns out not less delicate and original than the traditional version.In order to make such cabbage burgers, you will need 300-400 grams of vegetables.In addition, the cook must take a raw egg, a little flour, salt and pepper (you can substitute other spices to taste).In a blender crushed sliced ​​raw cabbage.The added weight of the egg, spices and salt.Carefully top up the flour so as to obtain a tight mixture from which it will be possible to mold small balls.It should be noted that in this case, to a well-roasted cabbage patties, they are made thin and small.

Thus, this dish can significantly expand the Lenten menu.These patties are like children and because they are not only useful, but also incredibly delicious.They can not only toast, but also bake, cook for a couple.