How to cook a delicious garlic croutons

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Many love croutons, because they perfectly complement the cheese, vegetable soups and broths, and also serve as an excellent and inexpensive snack.Garlic toasts can be prepared if the guests going to the noisy and cheerful company to drink beer and have a good time, and the time and money to spare for the hosts.

to cook crispy garlic croutons, you need to take a loaf of white bread, 2-3 large cloves of garlic and 70 grams of butter.Bread is better to take in the cutting and not too fresh (of course, is old and stale, too, will not work), to make it easier to cut, and it is less crumbled.With a loaf remove crust from all sides, and then divide the crumb into narrow elongated strip of 3-4 cm. Peeled garlic cut into thin slices and put in a frying pan.Add the butter and fry 5-7 minutes.Then gently remove the product from the pan and put in the butter the bread slices, then fry it on all sides, turning constantly.At the request of finished garlic croutons can be somewhat podsolit.Or, add your favorite spices.

Garlic croutons of black bread.For their preparation need a loaf of bread, butter and a few juicy cloves of garlic.Similarly as in the first recipe, with all the rolls cut crust and crumb cut large rectangles (approximately 2 * 5 cm).Piece of butter weighing 50-70 grams of melt in the pan, then fry the bread in it.When the toast a bit cool, each brusochek all sides lightly rubbed with a clove of garlic, then treat is served at the table.

Not everyone knows that garlic toasts can be a great snack on the holiday table, the main thing - to cook them properly.Take white bread (sliced), a couple cloves of garlic, mayonnaise, a small bunch of green onions and 5 eggs.Eggs are boiled in boiling water and cooled.The pieces are fried stick on both sides (one) as long as they do not acquire the golden-red color.Finished eggs are cleaned, finely cut and mixed with chopped green onions.Seasoned mayonnaise and spread the resulting stuffing on each slice, spread evenly over the entire surface.

addition of garlic to the soup or puree for breakfast can be a delicious French toast with cheese.For their preparation need a loaf of white bread, a pinch of salt, 100 grams of cream, hard cheese, butter and egg.First, in a separate bowl, whisk the egg with salt and cream.Then this mixture dunk slice loaf (both sides) and send it to the pan, which is already a piece of butter to melt.Each of them are fried on both sides, so that it has acquired an appetizing golden color and then, while it is still warm, sprinkle with finely grated cheese.The dish is served hot to the table.

obtained very tasty croutons with sprats.Many housewives cook them only on special occasions, and in fact make it possible for just a quarter of an hour.This can be a tasty snack treat home even in a normal, weekday.

For their preparation requires two pickles medium-sized bank sprats, butter and sliced ​​loaf.First we need to lightly fry the pieces of loaf with butter, literally a couple of minutes per side over medium heat.Then, each on one side a thin layer of butter.On top put 2-3 thin, almost transparent slices of pickles and 1-2 fish.Decorate each toast with a sprig of dill.

No less tasty are obtained with sprats croutons and cheese.For their preparation require a piece of hard cheese (about 100 gr.), Bank sprat, mayonnaise, garlic, fresh herbs and a loaf for decoration.Slices of dried stick in the toaster or oven.Each slice of rubbed garlic on one side.Cheese rub, mix with mayonnaise and spread on toast with a spoon, evenly distributed over the entire surface.Put the fish on top and decorate with a sprig of greenery.