How to turn Shawarma

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many oriental dishes so fond of the inhabitants of our country, without them does not do any lunch or dinner.And the first place in popularity in this list is shawarma.

called shawarma dish of tortillas filled with meat, be it poultry, beef or lamb, with the addition of lettuce from a variety of vegetables, sauces and spices.Warp can be either an Arab cake or pita.Pita kebab sellers most often used during its manufacture.

Today you can eat shawarma at almost every turn, and in the case of distrust of the street vendors can be cooked at home.Make it is not difficult, the main thing to know how to wrap Shawarma.This is what we tell through this article.

Shawarma belongs to the category of food, the demand is not in doubt.Firstly, it is very tasty, and secondly, nourishing, and third, quite easily prepared.However, some deters the fact that it includes a large number of ingredients that is high in calories.In fact, it's not so bad, because you can cook low-calorie shawarma without meat, mayonnaise and other harmful components, and with the maximum amount of fresh salads.Although this option is not as tasty as compared to the original recipe.

If you often wonder how many calories a shawarma, then you should know that the amount of calories in 100 grams of the product does not exceed the mark of 250. That is not abusing this goodies, you can not cause any harm to her figure drops.

shawarma cooking principle is quite simple: take a certain amount of meat (to your liking), which is cut into small pieces, bounces, marinated and then roasted.The classic recipe involves cooking meat over an open fire, however, it can fry pan on a normal (albeit with a thick bottom).However, the filling - not the most important thing in this snack.After all, not knowing how to turn Shawarma, you will never be able to create the most famous dish, which will fully comply with the original.Is nice to eat shawarma from that and strive to fall all the stuffing?

So use our tips on how to wrap Shawarma.

Firstly, pita bread for food have to be fresh, otherwise you just do not get it in gently roll.Stale pita will tear and break, causing the entire filling can simply crawl out.

Secondly, to all the stuffing in pita was a need to turn in its lower edge, with just one turn, and then you can flex its sides to the middle.

And thirdly, there pita roll tube.

following these simple rules, you can be exactly sure that homemade shawarma not "fall apart."As you know, any recommendations and advice are meaningless without practice.Let's try to make this dish.

To prepare the classic version shawarma need 500 grams of chicken, a couple of sheets of lavash 200 grams of cabbage and carrots, one piece of garlic and onions, tomato, cucumber, 200 grams of mayonnaise to taste the ketchup, salt, pepper and vegetable oil.

To begin to fry chicken, chopped into small pieces, in vegetable oil.Then, make a salad: Grate the carrots on a coarse grater, shred the cabbage and onions cut into half rings.All the ingredients are mixed together, add salt and pepper and mix well again.To this mixture add tomato and cucumber (cut into thin rings) and garlic mayonnaise.

Then take a sheet of lavash, lubricates his mid-mayonnaise sauce (you can add ketchup) and lay out all the ingredients one by one: first, the chicken, and then the salad.It remains only shawarma wrap and send heated in the microwave.

Now you know how to cook and how to wrap Shawarma.Enjoy your meal!