How to cook meat loaf

word "bread" most people associate with the product of flour.However, you can make a tasty dish of meat with the same name and receive a hearty and original snack.There are a variety of recipes, which differ not only in the way of cooking, but also the ingredients.Among them you can choose which will be enjoyed by guests of the owner or her home.

So, for the next recipe you will need a pound of beef and turkey meat, 50 grams of bread crumbs and pulp loaf, 2 raw eggs, salt and pepper to taste.All the ingredients are mixed.Stuffing is divided into two equal pieces.One of them is laid into the prepared greased form.Top places three boiled eggs, shelled and close the remaining meat, the surface is leveled.Dishes, which will prepare meat loaf, covered with foil and goes in the oven, preheated to an average temperature, which left about 1.5 hours.After this dish is pulled out, cooled, removed from the molds and cut into portions.You can eat and cold and hot.Served perfectly suited any vegetables.

Meat Loaf and do as follows.Half a kilo of liver (use chicken, beef, pork) is washed, if necessary cut into small pieces, remove plenochki, lay in a shallow bowl.This also squeezed juice of one lemon, and the product is left to marinate for an hour.

couple of bulbs clean, chop.They were fried in butter until such time as the slices become transparent (usually it takes about 10 minutes).Bread crumb (250 grams) to soak in a glass of milk, a little squeeze.Half a kilo of beef connect with marinated liver, 100 grams of bacon and grind through the meat grinder.The mixture was put in a bowl.This add soaked bread, braised onions, passed through the press a few cloves of garlic, 2 eggs, a spoon of dry white wine, salt to taste, spices.Mix the mince until smooth.

Two medium sized carrots boiled for 10 minutes in boiling water, cleaned, cut into thin strips.The same is done with bacon and a slice of bacon another (need about 100 grams).We cut off the tips of the green beans.Form to be baked meat loaf, take a deep and lubricated with oil.On its bottom strips of bacon are placed so as to close it completely.Above a third of the meat.It put half the chopped carrots, bacon, beans, cover the meat mixture.Repeat layers.Stuffing is spread on top, spread the remaining bacon and the laurel leaf.The dish is covered with a foil or lid and placed in a preheated oven for about 40 minutes.For meat loaf covered with a golden crust, shortly before the end of cooking utensils to remove the cover.

For the next recipe in equal proportions mixed beef and pork mince (300 grams).This also put half a cup bread crumbs, nuts, raisins.The mixture is driven egg, add a few spoonfuls of acute ketchup, spices, salt to taste.Minced well kneaded, prepared and laid out in a greased mold.You can divide it into two parts, between which put grated cheese.On top of this bread is greased with butter and goes in the oven, preheated to a minimum temperature until ready.Then the dish is cut and decorated with greens, slices of boiled eggs.

This dish can be used for growing cold or hot sandwiches with vegetable garnish.In the stuffing added a variety of products, including mushrooms, and cheese.It all depends on taste preferences cooking.Simple and fast meat dishes are a godsend for the holiday table, or a family dinner, as they are not only tasty, but also quite hearty.