How to make pickled eggs

The fact that eggs are very helpful and they contain huge amounts of substances needed by the body, they know almost everything.They are part of the daily diet of many families, besides a variety of dishes that you can make one pretty quickly, allow the hostess to expand the menu.However, not everyone knows what they are doing and pickled eggs, which can also serve as self-starters and salad ingredient.This dish is kept in the marinade for a long time (25 days), so at the right time you can just get it and use the necessary amount.

taken to prepare chicken or quail eggs.Babies this dish can also be given to three years.In most cases, they eat it with pleasure.

12 quail eggs (if chickens are taken, they will need at least 2 times) with cold water and boiled until tender over medium heat.Then they are cleaned and cooled.At this time, it is preparing the marinade.For him a glass of water put a spoon of salt, half a teaspoon of sugar, a quarter cup of vinegar.All brought to a boil, then here is omitted the garlic clove, chopped dill, spices to taste.You can add a few peppercorns.Eggs are laid in a clean glass jar, filled with hot marinade, then containers tightly sealed with a lid.Stored in the refrigerator dish.Eating it is possible in two days.

also to prepare the pickled eggs, you can use the following recipe.The product is boiled for 10 minutes.After that cooled eggs and their shells slightly broken to small cracks formed (this will help them to better marinated).Then they are placed in the jar.For the marinade into a saucepan with a liter of cold water put a tablespoon of salt, a teaspoon of cumin and sugar (can take other spices).This also adds a bit of onion peel, bay leaves, taste put pepper.All brought to a boil and left to heat up to the point until the salt is completely dissolved.Then the solution is cooled, and they are filled eggs, which to these proportions is recommended to take about 12 pieces of medium size.

marinated in this case, they have to at least one day in a cool place.In order to submit them nicely on the table, you can proceed as follows.Eggs are cleaned from the shell, cut into two halves.The yolk is gently removed.Separately, mix a small amount of vinegar, pepper and sunflower oil.The resulting mixture was poured into proteins is placed on top of the yolk rounded side up.It can be for decoration squeeze a little mustard.

To prepare pickled eggs, you can take the following recipe.Bunch of parsley, a couple of cloves of garlic and a bit of anchovy should be finely chopped.The ingredients are laid out in a bowl, which added 4 tablespoons of tomato paste, a couple of tablespoons of vinegar, half a liter of oil (olive oil is better to take).All whipped whisk or electric mixer.Boiled eggs are cleaned from the shell and placed in a jar, pour the marinade, left for a few hours.On the table a dish can be served, watering liquid in which it is marinated with fresh baguette or toast.

should be noted that there are several ways to prepare the marinade.For example, some are advised to take salt and sugar in equal proportions.Other housewives recommend vinegar instead of the usual take wine.In any case, pickled eggs, which are quite easy to make, will be original and tasty snack on the holiday table, and in the daily menu.It is only important that the products which are used for preparation, were fresh and of high quality.