Attractions of the world - Tower Syuyumbike

Today arrival in Kazan, many people identified with visits to local attractions - tower Syuyumbike.This building is a historical monument of ancient architecture, which was built in the spirit of Tatar traditions.

Soyembike tower - not only the pride of Kazan and the main architectural value of this region.It was built in the early 17th century of building materials characteristic of the era.Seven storeys tower situated at a height of 58 m. It is interesting to face the wall decorated with columns.All four floors of the tower are the top of the octagonal shape.The appearance of the sixth floor is similar to the tent cover, he finished with a lantern tower, where guards patrol carried.Many archaeologists have conducted various research activities near the tower foundation, which gave reason to believe that its construction was carried out in the Russian style.According to archaeologists, Syuyumbike was built in the sixteenth century Tatar masters.

story tower Syuyumbike begins, according to some reports, even in the sixteenth century.The name she received in honor of the Tatar princess, who was the daughter of a local nobleman.She was brought to Kazan in 1532, and until 1551 it was in the city with his son.After her deportation to Moscow for a long time the people mourned the departure of its ruler, which was a favorite of the local people.When he died, her beloved husband, she mourned him for a long time.Therefore, the mosque, where he was buried, was called Syuyumbike.According to historians, this mosque was located near the site, which was later built the tower Syuyumbike.Currently, the architectural emblem of Kazan can be seen the outline of the tower.Meet the familiar silhouette and can be printed on various products, stamps, postcards and so on. D.

Today, all the people who came to Kazan, the tower Syuyumbike meets as an architectural symbol of the city.This architectural monument is one of the few with a strong inclination.This tower is on a level tilt only slightly different from the world-famous Leaning Tower of Pisa, located in Italy.The latter, incidentally, refers to the architectural values, the preservation of which is engaged in the whole world community.The main feature of the tower Syuyumbike are its elegant external data.For all the visitors it is able to produce a very strong and lasting impression with its perfection, which can be seen both in its appearance, and the proportionality of parts.

Soyembike tower was built in a hurry, its foundation was laid at a depth of only 1.4 m. It subsequently was the reason that she became lean.Tatar features visible in all elements of the structure.Decorative finishing tower is made using the techniques peculiar to Moscow architectural school.It symbolizes all kind of Kazan Tatar culture and its traditions.According to modern historians, the tower was part of a large defense system.Any visitor can buy in memory of this place souvenir, which will be displayed Suyumbike tower.