Azerbaijan's main attractions to be seen

In the southeastern part of the Caucasus stretches a beautiful country Azerbaijan.His tourist routes, it is known since the days of the Soviet Union.Only now, they became much more.There are tours for all tastes - this beach holiday in the resort cities such as Baku, Khachmaz and Khudat, and rest on the thermal waters in Masalli, Naftalan, Hussars and Baku.But the most popular were and are currently tours with a visit to historical and cultural sites and natural sites.It is for this reason that many tourists tend to visit Azerbaijan.Things in the country are located in virtually every city.There are more than 130 museums, theaters, galleries, mosques, mausoleums and other attractive objects that explore one round is not possible.

largest city in the country is Baku.In addition, it is the capital of the country.This modern city offers a fascinating kind of charm of the East.Inspection of the country recommended to start from here.The structure of the city is divided into three parts: the old city areas of the Soviet era, the modern part.The symbol of modern Baku Flame Towers are located on a high hill.It is a complex consisting of three high-rise buildings constructed in the form of stylized tongues of flame.Today, they are the tallest buildings in the country.And this is only the beginning of a list of interesting places that are offered for tourists to Azerbaijan.Attractions located in the old part of the city.The most popular are the Maiden Tower, rising on a cliff.It is constructed in the form of a cylinder whose height is 30 meters.Interior of the structure has seven tiers, each of which is separated by a stone vault.This structure is unique, however, is still unknown when and for what purpose it was built.No less interesting is considered Shirvanshahs Palace, which in the XV century, is the main port on the Caspian Sea.

What you can see more, come to Azerbaijan?Things there are 70 kilometers from Baku.It Gobustan petroglyphs, including a 4000 rock sites, caves, tombs, which spread over an area of ​​over 100 square kilometers.Scenes depicted on the rocks, quite accurately convey the way of life of the people who once lived in these lands.The most valuable section is considered to be the rock on which affixed Latin.

continue to explore attractive places, which is famous for Azerbaijan.Attractions include a list and a unique structure as Sheki Khans Palace, overlooking the city of Sheki.Now here is a museum.XVIII century building constructed in the Persian style.It consists of two floors.The facade of the buildings decorated plot patterns, floral and geometric patterns.

Attractions include Azerbaijan in a list of many mosques, including the mosque Mohammed ibn Abu Bakr, built in the beginning of XI century.A little later, it was erected Juma and Lezgi.It is recommended to visit the ancient city of Ganja, nestled at the foot of the Lesser Caucasus.In 1139 there was a strong earthquake, which was formed as a result of a series of lakes, including Maralgol, Goygol, Ordekgёl, Dzheyrangёl.

Among the natural attractions it is impossible not to recall the fiery mountain Yanardag, which is located on the Apsheron Peninsula.Gore is really burning.This is due to the fuel gas, which here and there breaks out of its depth.And not far from the village of Alat are mud volcanoes.Among other interesting places you can select the Kish village, located near the town of Sheki.Here is preserved the unique monument - the Apostolic church.

If someone thinks that by reading the description of the sights and view photos of Azerbaijan, have all seen and heard about this country, then he is mistaken.The beauty of these places and unique monuments impossible to convey through pictures.It is necessary to see with their own eyes.