Top attractions of the world - Vyborg Castle

Currently Vyborg Castle - the most popular attraction of the city of Vyborg.This year-round tourists come and enjoy the beautiful views of the medieval creation.

This castle founded in 1293 marshal Torkel Knutsson.This year is also preceded its foundation.Reliable information about its original form did not survive, but it is assumed that it was a thick-walled square tower of granite gray that surrounds the defensive wall.She received the name of St. Olaf.Key lock walls have a thickness of 1.5 to 2 meters, the height of at least 7 meters.They emerged with time and all the Vyborg Castle.

This medieval structure is the local history museum with thematic exhibitions, and at the same time - a great viewing platform that allows panoramic views of the city and all its neighborhoods, and here you can take a picture for free.For special color is a place loved by many film directors and people who organize medieval fairs, holidays and festivals.The castle is located on a small island of the Castle, which is

the historical center of Vyborg.

should be noted that, while inside the building, is to be very careful, because at the same time the number of people coming here no one controls.Movement of the castle are not always organized.At the entrance sometimes accumulates all, and climb to the tower though and takes a little time, just a few minutes, but requires some physical effort, and due to the narrowness of the stairs you can not just stop and rest, becausepeople rise close to each other.Vyborg Castle has no elevator, so in any case, have to climb on foot.At the entrance to the observation deck are very low ceilings, so that makes it too be very careful.

Rising from time to time passed those who go down.When you log sense to get out to people from the observation deck, which has enjoyed a beautiful view, or all together just simply did not have enough space.Moving on the terrace and complicates the narrow passage where barely able to break up two people, and is not regulated, the direction of movement, half of visitors moving around the dome in a clockwise direction and the other half - for the opposition, which also creates problems in their meeting.

Vyborsky area has a rich history, and everybody can see almost the whole story, presented in constant thematic exhibitions, there are also exhibits of flora and fauna of the region.The last hit, which has gained immense popularity, was the exhibition "Swedish prison."Plus itself Vyborg Castle is considered a historical medieval monument.He is the only one in Russia that is fully preserved until now and continues his work.Museum of Vyborg always welcome to tourists and guests of the city.