Bugazskaya Spit invites to rest

Summer associate each person with a warm and gentle sun and relaxing.And yet - the sea, the endless, azure, deep.A trip to the sea is our reward for their hard work throughout the year, an outlet from the monotony of everyday life, holiday.Especially if you go to the blessed Crimea or the famous pearl of the sea.But there is a map of Ukraine are still many places that are no less beautiful and no less comely for the summer holidays.

Around fifty or sixty kilometers from Odessa in the Black Sea runs deep river Dniester.A wide estuary separated by a narrow strip of sea area of ‚Äč‚Äčland that is known as Bugazskaya or Carolino Bugazskaya Spit.On one side of the spit is the village of Zatoka, on the other - the village of Carolino Bugaz.

name of this beautiful place has a history.Translated from the Turkic language "Bogas" or "Bugaz" means "pass", "throat", ie Dniester Arm.Then in the fifties of the last century built the majestic drawbridge, which runs on the train, motor transport and pedestrians walk.U

nder the bridge are the court, which raised the bridge and the traffic on it is suspended.

Before the confluence of the Dniester River into the sea called Constantinople Girlie.Also, there was another Strait - Ochakovskoe Arm, more shallow, which is now completely blocked with sand.Between these two straits once existed an island that belonged to some Carolina Saban.Over time, the island Carolina joined the queue.The once deserted Bugazskaya Spit is now completely built up and mastered.There are pensions, camping, recreation and the private sector, warmly welcomes tourists.No problem, you can put up a tent on someone else's territory for a fee.

Bugazskaya braid card which is filled with an abundance of wonderful places for recreation, rather attractive and comfortable area.You can get here by train, which connects Odessa and Belgorod-Dniester.Runs composition in summer five times a day.In Belgorod-Dniester Ankermanskuyu you can see the castle, but the sights of Odessa-mother and did not speak.It is necessary to allocate at least one day to walk along Deribasovskaya Street, photographed on the Promenade, in the market to buy freshly caught shrimp or steers, enjoy the unique language of the indigenous inhabitants of Odessa.

Bugazskaya Spit - the place is very picturesque and pleasant.Fine sand on the wide golden beaches, favorable climate, remoteness from industrial centers favor the healing and relaxation.Quiet solitude or rest to the fullest - take your pick, there is something, and more.Carbon discos, amusement parks, recreation centers, noise and fun will be thrilled with the active youth.Luxurious hotels for demanding travelers and budget hotels are invited for the night.And to completely change the situation come here with a tent and friendly company.Bugazskaya scythe waiting for you!