Amsterdam - the capital of which country?

probably in Europe can hardly find a more multi-faceted and unpredictable city than Amsterdam."The capital of what country this city?"- You ask.That the Netherlands have this casket full of surprises.On the territory, half of which - the water, rustic styles converged, race and age of different historical periods of mankind.

brief history

With Dutch capital's name translates as "the dam on the Amstel River."For the first time about the city is mentioned in the act of Count Floris V, which said the release in 1275 of the Amsterdam princely fees.After just 25 years, the city acquired the status of a major shopping center and port.

Amsterdam - the capital of a country, the Netherlands or Holland?There is no difference between these names, because Germany - the unofficial name of the Netherlands."Golden Age" of the country began in 1648 at the end of the war for the liberation from the Spanish yoke.Then began to create the United Provinces, came the flowering of the Dutch school of painting, which is

representative of Rembrandt, whom the whole world knows.During the heyday of the Dutch capital was visited even Peter I.

Amsterdam - a magnet for tourists

This unusual in its layout of the city, just a rugged system of artificial channels that are linked to 600 bridges and 70 islands, attracts millions of tourists all year round.Maher Brug and Baluburg - this is the most charming bridges of Amsterdam.The capital of a country, in your opinion, is one of four great European cities, built on the water?Of course, the capital of the Netherlands.In addition to her such honor was given to the city of Bruges, Venice and St. Petersburg.


There is always noisy crowd better watch out for your belongings - local pickpockets are known for professionalism.Amsterdam - the capital of which country?That's right, the Netherlands, which means that current sexual trends are supported.For example, a few years ago should declare that the rights of sexual minorities are infringed as he / she is immediately given the opportunity to obtain political asylum in the Netherlands.Indeed, 30% of the population are persons Amsterdam homosexual.All of them live in their own, the isolated world: eating in the gay restaurants, buying clothes in a gay shops and go to the gay cinemas.Dutch treat them with respect, considering it is one way to express the freedom of the individual.The city did not greet motorists, so bikes can be found everywhere.

What to see in Amsterdam?

city offers a great variety of historical and cultural attractions, museums of Amsterdam will not leave anyone indifferent.One should visit the heart of the city - the Royal Palace, the flower park Keukenhof, the museum of erotica, and, of course, the Red Light District, which covers quite a vast area and is located in the old part of town.As they say the reviews, in the heart of Amsterdam leaves every print, it makes a variety of life is inspiring.Travel into the romantic country of windmills and medieval castles, incomparable tulips and amazingly delicious cheese will give a boost of energy for the year ahead!