Belukha Mountain - the sacred place of the Altai

Belukha Mountain - the highest point in Siberia and Altai.It is situated in the northeast and the top of the mountain is a peak whose height is 4,506 km.This is the realm of ice, snow, threatening avalanches and beautiful sparkling waterfalls.

first explorers were amazed by the beauty of the countryside and even the Altai compared with Switzerland.In the Mongolian language the word Altai means "Gold Mountain" and the fact there is good reason.Buddhists believe that Belukha Mountain is the "heart" of the universe, and the ancient Christians also believed Belovode blessed country in which the people feel happy and relaxed.It is not just a symbol of Altai, is a place where you can recharge your batteries.Mount Belukha linked to many legends, and it has long been considered sacred.


Altai Belukha - very interesting object for mountain climbing and rock climbing.It is situated in an inaccessible remote region, where no one lives.You can reach it by horse, foot or by helicopter.

Belukha Mountain is equidistant from the four oceans - the Arctic, Indian, Pacific and Atlantic - the exact center.The famous philosopher, scholar and artist NK Roerich believed that the Altai (Belukha Mountain) - it is the place of the three great religions: Christianity, Buddhism and Islam.

Current research geophysicists

scientifically proven that Belukha is the bearer of the strong energy-intensive processes.At this point, the intense energy flows originate from the mantle through the crust into the upper layers of the ionosphere.Often, in the vicinity of Beluga whales can be seen atmospheric glow.Climbing Belukha helps a person get rid of the problems and negative thoughts, as he begins to interact with the energy of the area, receive impulses from nature itself to emit them.

But it is worth noting that not everyone can be a long time in places without fear of harm to their health.Local residents, for example, prefer to worship the Great White Mountain at its foot and upward climb only when absolutely necessary.All the space on the slopes and foothills of the mountains to the locals - the sacred temple.It can not be investigated and analyzed by human intelligence.This place is mysterious and unpredictable, and climb the great mountain man should only be in awe.

Conquerors tops Belugas

first Belukha-mountain was conquered brothers Tronova.It was the year 07.26.1914 - this date is considered the beginning of mountaineering in Altay.In 1926 he attempted to climb to the top of Belukha on the north side, but the members of the expedition had to return.Only in 1933, an expedition led by Vitaly Abalakova the first time reached the peak of the Great Mountain, having risen to its northern side.

Today Belugas tops attract many climbers from around the world.Every year again and again committed climbing, and although paved trails and modern equipment, Belukha still checks the people of the fortress of strength and spirit.