The Japanese island of Shikoku: earth shrines and natural wonders

Shikoku - is not only the small Japanese island of the four main, but also the least visited.However, for those who are passionate about nature, the relaxed atmosphere, a genuine desire to look into the culture of the country, a journey to deliver incomparable pleasure.With a pleasant climate, amazingly beautiful mountains, meandering rivers, green landscapes, narrow trails, making its way among the strange gorges, numerous onsen, ancient shrines and feudal castles Shikoku - indeed, it is one of the best in Japan.Coast strewn with numerous small fishing villages and ports, as well as portions of the collection of salt.In the hinterland, you can see the mountains and the small farm located on gentle hills.

This Japanese island is best known pilgrimage route "Shikoku Dzyunrey" comprising a chain of 88 temples, associated with a major religious leader and founder of the Shingon Buddhist monk Kukai.In addition, the number of "official" churches, which the pilgrims ("henro") visited annually according to a specific order, there are more than 200 "unofficial."

Popular attractions in Shikoku: Ritsurin garden in Takamatsu, a museum of the famous sculptor Isamu Noguchi in Muret—Ď, Museum of Sex in Uwajima, ancient castles in Marugame, Matsuyama.Be sure to see the long-tailed cocks (onagadori) in Kochi.This breed is determined by the national government as a special national treasure.

Although Shikoku - the least visited the Japanese island Ritsurin Koen recognized as one of the best historical gardens in the country.On the territory there are tea house, exhibitions of arts and crafts exhibits.We also offer a variety of products for sale.Founded in the seventeenth century, it is an excellent example of the landscape garden for strolling.

Japanese island of Shikoku covers four prefectures (Kagawa, Tokushima, Kochi and Ehime).Until 1988, you can reach it was only by ferry.Today, there are three bridges connecting it with Honshu (although many recognize that the ferry is still the best way to reach many points).International Airport is not, but in the four regional (in Tokushima, Takamatsu, Kochi and Matsuyama) to carry out flights to Tokyo, Sapporo, Fukuoka and other cities of the country.It is also served by flights to Seoul (South Korea), Hainan (tropical island in China), there are international charter flights.

main attraction of the city of Tokushima (capital of the prefecture of the same name) is Awa Odori - dance festival, which is part of the O-bon and is held in mid-August.The largest in Japan, it gathers every year more than 1.3 million tourists from all corners of the earth.Dancers are combined into groups called "Ran" typically each include up to several tens of people.They marched through the streets, singing the music of plain pa shamisen, shakuhachi, drums, bells.

Shikoku promises tourists and a lovely beach holiday in Japan.But especially there the coast attracts surfers.The best places - Ikumi, Shirahama, Tokushima.Kochi is the center of the island surfing.