How to cook kimchi - a recipe that you did not know

Kimchi recipe which we will tell you right now - this is a traditional Korean dish.If you do not know about the taste of the kimchi, you can first think that this is the most common sauerkraut.However, in reality it is not so.

In Korea, this dish is appreciated.It should be able to cook every woman, and wherein any one species.Kimchi - a main course all feasts.Who knows what it is loved by Koreans?Perhaps spicy taste?Maybe a bright view?And, maybe, here lies some other secret that we just unknown.In any case, let's talk about how to make kimchi.

should be noted that the kimchi prepared exclusively from Chinese cabbage.In the Slavic way of life it is often replaced by the most ordinary cabbage.Well, such a decision is appropriate, and on the taste of kimchi is made from cabbage, is not inferior to that prepared from Beijing.

So, if you decide to cook kimchi recipe involves the use of a head of cabbage Chinese cabbage.Just one average head of the vegetable and calculate all the given amount of ingredients.Selection head should be cut into four parts that need to be equal.Prior to this, it is desirable to remove the upper leaves - they only hinder you in the preparation, and their taste are different from those leaves that are below them, not for the better.After you cut the head into pieces, it is also cut crosswise into particles, the width of which is not more than one centimeter.

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How to cook kimchi so that he was to taste the same as the one which is made in Korea?First of all, please be appropriate utensils - it is sure to be deep and wide.It is necessary to put the cabbage after you slice the it.Fill it with three tablespoons of salt and leave, so to speak, pickled, but before that necessarily cover with cling film.At the end of the day after you left to marinate the cabbage, remove the foil, stir the contents of the basin and drain the juice, which has already managed to stand out from it.

Now is the time to take up cutting onions.You will need feathers green onions to be chopped.Crush a couple of cloves of garlic, and then add all this to the already-marinated cabbage kimchi.Recipe provided that the finished dish should be spicy.To make it really happened so, you need to add the chili - it will be only two pods.To make the dish to get the most beautiful and colorful, can take a pod of red and one green pod.Both need a good wash peppers remove seeds and cut into small pieces.They, of course, add the cabbage.Now take ginger root (about 4 cm) and rubbed it on a grater, and add the kimchi.The recipe also involves adding soy sauce in kimchi.This, of course, individually and at your discretion.However, if you still have expressed their desire to use it, do the following: take about five tablespoons of soy sauce and mix it with two tablespoons of sugar, the same amount of paprika and five tablespoons of vinegar (preferably for this purpose select the rice vinegar).Mix all ingredients and pour into kimchi.

That's all cooking end.Now, your task - to infuse the mass for a few days under the lid closed.

This recipe for kimchi will be the real boon for true fans of sharp little.It is worth noting that in Korea, which is home to kimchi, this dish is considered a snack, and often served with meat and rice.