List militants tremendous adrenaline rush

Action, also known as action-movie film action - one of the most popular and sought-after genres of cinema in which all the plot twists and turns are accompanied by fights, chases, shootings and other forms of violence, once again confirming the well-known thesis of "good to be withfists. "Sometimes movies in this genre are accused of excessive promotion of the "aesthetics of violence".A good proportion of films, not only within the submitted list of militants at a sufficiently high budget strikes the viewer an abundance of stunts, special effects brightest, while not having a particularly intriguing and complex plot.Traditionally, the whole story is built on the persona of the protagonist, who faces unexpected or consciously evil in all its forms: the injustice, corruption, unpunished murder, kidnapping and terrorism.The most common thriller ends with the death (murder) of negative characters, villains are much less likely to transmit them to justice.

If wilted spirit - love it, look thriller!

Whichever list of militants viewers choose to watch, explosive mix of entertainment and dynamics of the story with unexpected twists definitely relieve his boredom.Charismatic actors enchanting effects, virtuoso tricks - these are the main components that make these movies.List (Adventure, albeit with a mix of genre): spy movies, fantastic pictures, adventure, westerns.They will always be in demand and popular.At the moment, I would like to mention some films that can be considered the benchmark of the genre.This list includes all the fighters: car chases, fights, shootings, explosions, hot heads and chic woman.So, we call these films:

  1. «Terminator," "Terminator 2" - religious paintings, which until now considered the best sci-fi thriller of all time.The striking action perfectly with emotion, and killer robots from the first part, the robot-turned-defender, considered one of the best roles of "Iron Arnie."
  2. «Lethal Weapon" - the standard action comedy, the best picture of the buddy cops.The main characters throughout the timing not only catch the bad guys, running around and shooting but released naughty jokes, cramp while hilarious faces.This action movie is not boring after repeated viewing.
  3. «Die Hard," in which the protagonist, a storm of villains and terrorists, John, a tough guy, again all saves.Irrepressible desire Bruce Willis alone to save the world for a long time this was the talk of the town, and yet look at it more than interesting.
  4. "Identification (Ultimatum, Excellence) Born."While the trilogy of post-amnesia CIA agent Jason Bourne can not be called militant clearly, too many things are mixed: the spy thriller, and detective drama - but it's worth to see.

can continue indefinitely

In addition to these films, to the list of fighters just need to include the following films: the legendary "Leon", "Kill Bill", "The Matrix", "Fight".It is also not out of place here are the pictures that were released recently: "Lord of the Rings," "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Mission: Impossible," "Braveheart", "carrier", "District 13", the new "Sherlock Holmes".This is, of course, is to add Adventure 2013, a list of which is impressive: "The Family", "Riddick", "2 trunk", "Elysium", "Cobra-2", "Return of the Hero", etc..d.The list is endless, because each audience has its own special film that touched some strings of the soul, has become a favorite.