Best Fiction 2013

In 2013, screens out a lot of science fiction films, but among them there are five paintings that are more other distinguished unusual story and stunning visual special effects.So, watch the best films of "Fantasy 2013".

1. «Gravity" (USA, UK).The director of this film made Alfonso Cuarón, who work in this picture now gathered a constellation of actors, including Sandra Bullock and George Clooney.

plot of "Gravity" is as follows.One of the best specialists in the medical Inzhinering sent to his first space trip.Command of the mission entrusted to veteran Astronautics, for which this is the last flight before retirement.During the flight is a disaster, as a result of which the scientist and the military are all alone in orbit, having no connection with the Earth and deprived of any hope of salvation.

2. «Riddick" (USA, UK).Directed by David Twohy suggested actors live for a while in a fantasy world.

cast had a hard time on the court, as the plan of the director was as follows: the main character betrayed by his subordinates and left for dead on a wild world where he has to fight the extremely dangerous predators.But that's not all misfortunes - to all other galactic mercenary opened the hunt for the hero, although it may seem a trifle compared to the future.Riddick matures revenge, and because of its amazing ability to deal with enemies, he returned to his homeland and save their country from ruin and destruction.This film can be recommended for viewing as the best science fiction.

3. «The Wolverine" (USA, Australia).Director James Mangold to create this knocked $ 120 million, and invited to the shooting of Hugh Jackman and Svetlana Khodchenkova.

painting is the continuation of the legendary series, which is true can only be described as "the best science fiction."The story takes place in Japan, where Logan faces a sword Silver Samurai and understands that the world is worthy contenders Wolverine able to fight on par with him.

4. «War of the Worlds Z» (USA).Directed by Marc Forster persuaded the producers for $ 190 million to create one of the most stunning movie of 2013.This epithet, as the best science fiction, it may belong to this film.Brad Pitt and Sterling Jerins managed to create amazing images of typical characters.

plot is based on the following story.UN staff trying to prevent infection, using the ability to time travel.Passions heated by the fact that the writers introduced a threat of imminent annihilation of humanity.

5. «After Earth" (US).Directed by M. Night Shyamalan sent a famous comedian Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith, for several thousand years.But the role of Smith's picture is not comical ... In the title of "Best Fiction" can be attributed to this film.Moreover, the action takes place a thousand years after a global catastrophe that forced humanity to leave Earth.

So, this is probably the best fiction of 2013, which will make the viewer forget the present and immerse yourself in the wonderful future that we are destined, according to the filmmakers.