Stalingrad 3D movie details

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Soon the screen comes the film, which is not write or speak just lazy.Furthermore, the reel of film has been nominated for the most prestigious Oscar - is a picture of Stalingrad director Fyodor Bondarchuk.The film is called a breakthrough in Russian cinema, but for what services you currently know.

Directed by Fyodor Bondarchuk has long wanted to make a film about the Great Patriotic War, he cherished this dream ever since my student days.By shooting movies Stalingrad he prepared five years, the budget of thirty million dollars to one thousand extras, large-scale decorations, honored artists of the cinema and the most advanced 3D technology.All this happened in a grand dramatic canvas, which wins the first frame.Wonders of the three-dimensional graphics for the director is not a fad, but an opportunity to bring the viewer to a special emotional experience, to convey the feeling of terror and the threat of imminent danger.Let's hope that the film will go down in history of the world cinema.

film is very strong impact, imax creates a modern cinema for modern people, nothing can so bring the natural person about what is happening on the screen.It is not just about the explosions and bullets flying around your head, even a falling stone of plaster, are special emotions.Stalingrad 3D first Russian film that from the first to the last frame shot in 3D, it is an unprecedented case in the domestic film industry.The creators used in the filming of the next miracle of technology, the camera loved cult director Peter Jackson, who will give the viewer an incredible feeling.Super clear imax require maximum accuracy, because there is no stereo movies starring elements are in focus and have the same importance.Decorators assure the viewer will not find fault with what, in every detail checked against tape on Chronicle.

Removing the Battle of Stalingrad, the director wanted to bring computer graphics to a minimum and did all of this, built the city, blowing up bridges, set fire to the building.But the actors shooting in 3D brought some discomfort, but then they are used to.The scale is impressive battle scenes, the viewer will see the tricks that no one has done in the movie, such as the fight scene after the explosion of the tank with fuel, one of the most important in the film Stalingrad, filmmakers have had only one take to film the scene.Such a large number of people at the same time burning in the frame, probably was not in a movie about the war.

The story line of the film lies love story of three men and a girl irreconcilable enemies of the Russian intelligence officer and a German officer.Ironically, they are both in love with a Russian beauty.The girl turned out to be not having to evacuate the occupied territories of the Germans.In the camp of the enemy reconnaissance team sent to the Russian soldiers and where these events take place.And yet in the foreground in the film Stalingrad, not entertainment, and of the atmosphere the most horrific battles in the history of mankind, the fate of people who are between life and death, but it happens even in the thick of this purgatory, bright feelings arise!