Biography Megan Fox - one of the sexiest actresses in Hollywood

Biography Megan Fox interests many admirers of this young, talented and very beautiful actress.She was born in the US state of Tennessee, the city of Rockwood, May 16, 1986.Among her ancestors were French, the Irish, the Indians, which was reflected in the appearance of the girls.Megan's parents divorced when one is 3 years old, his mother soon married a second time, and step-father took the family to Florida, Port Saint Lucie.

Biography Megan Fox is not silent that its future fate of the future actress was conceived as a child.With 5 years of age, she played the role in the drama circle, engaged in dancing.By age 10 Fox had impressive skills, so in 1999 she decided to participate in a US dance show, which was awarded several prizes.My parents have always supported and helped her daughter to reveal their talents, my mother and father said they would not allow let it go and quit dancing.

good training in dancing provided an opportunity to choose, and the first step to fame did Megan Fox.Biography of the young actress is very interesting, because in the 13 years she moved to Los Angeles, and it's all for the sake of filming in obscure movies.Fox was given a minor role, but these were small steps, the first stones of which it forms the foundation of an acting career.Megan made her debut in "Holiday in the Sun," which starred Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, the output of film work took place in 2001.

first attempt to attract attention was not successful, but she did not think to give up.Biography Megan Fox dazzles filming in various films, but it bit parts.In 2004, the actress managed to get a role in the drama "Queen of TV", the film "Crimes of Fashion", as well as play a supporting character in "Confessions" with Lindsay Lohan.Acting talents have not been seen to producers until the beauty did not dare to work a model and star in a men's magazine.Already in 2006, Megan went into one hundred sexiest women in it and took 68th place.

This success came in the actress in 2007.Now Biography Megan Fox became interesting to all fans of the movie "Transformers" in which she played the role of Micaela.In 2009, she starred in the second part of the movie "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen."Also among the successful works can be identified "Jennifer's Body" and others.Megan continues to act, but in 2010, her career began to decline significantly, still without a job, it does not remain.

actress admitted in an interview that at one time used drugs, but she did not find in them any good.At the same time, she said that many in Hollywood have a drug addiction.Such recognition of Megan Fox, biography, height, weight, personal life - all interested in the faithful fans of the actress.Of particular interest are the numerous tattoos.Abdomen she says the guy's name, in the back on the right shoulder - a quote from "King Lear" by Shakespeare, in the left wrist - a couple of waves, back of the neck - a symbol for the forces on the right foot - a crescent moon and a star on his right arm, just abovewrist - a portrait of Monroe.