Biography Paul Wesley.

Biography Paul Wesley interests of millions of fans around the world, because, despite his youth, the actor had become famous thanks to his talent and appearance.Real name of the American actor and producer Paul Thomas Vasilevsky, he was born in a family of Polish immigrants Thomas and Agnieszka July 23, 1982.The boy grew up in a large family, except his parents have brought the eldest daughter Monika, and two younger - Julia and Leah.

Biography Paul Wesley does not hide the fact that he was born in New Jersey, the city of New Brasuik, but grew up in New Jersey, the city of Marlborough.Even as a schoolboy, boy received an offer to participate in the casting of selection of actors in the show "Guiding Light."Paul was able to distinguish themselves from competitors and won the role of Max Nickerson, to make it easier to work and study, he had to go to another school.During this period the actor realized how it drags the world of cinema, it is his calling, and he wants to do what he likes.

Up to a point, Paul Wesley's biography is no different from the lives of ordinary talented guys who try their early years in the world of the film industry, and then go their own way.After high school, he, like all his peers, submit documents to the university, the young man enrolled at Rutgers University.After studying for only one semester, Wesley decides to defer their studies until better times, because just at that time it begin to pour offers from producers is one better than the other.From the perspective of becoming a famous actor and a promising few refuse, I did not give up, and Paul Wesley.

Biography is not silent about the strange act of the actor, when in 2005 he decided to change his real name Vassilievo a more Americanized version.Paul states that did not shy about their origin and get along great with my parents, but the Americans hard to pronounce his real name, so he decided to take a pseudonym.Maybe it's just a coincidence, but that after the change of names of the young man was at the peak of glory, he became a sought-after, all his films have received recognition from the millions of viewers.

Despite his young age has already managed to star in many films and serials Paul Wesley.Filmography actor has more than thirty works, and that he is not going to stop.The young man convinced that his best role yet to be played, and in front of him to expect a lot of interesting films.Very well Paul manages to convey feelings of the characters that are half human and half fictional creatures.In different series the actor had to play a werewolf, a vampire, a fallen angel.Wesley so get used to the role that it is not impossible to believe his character, he is fascinating from the first minute.

Biography Paul Wesley makes believe that a boy from an ordinary family can become a favorite of millions of fans around the world.This requires a talent, charisma, hard work and a strong desire to act in films.Paul has played in many films, but most viewers remember him as a werewolf in "Wolf Lake" and the image of the vampire kind of "Vampire Diaries."