Rich Biography Jared Summer

not often see today, people, talented in everything.However, in spite of everything, they are still there.And one of them - the famous actor and singer Jared Leto.Today, I heard of it, probably everyone.Still - so much talent in one person is hard to miss!

Jared Leto.Biography

Looking at this man, it is hard to believe that he has already managed to celebrate the fortieth anniversary.He was born in 1971 on December 26.He spent his childhood in Louisiana.He grew up in the family, along with his younger brother named Shannon.When they were very young, their father dropped.

brother is, by the way, almost no impact.Biography Jared Summers said that, in spite of such an event has grown quite confident teenager, and unlike many, he was not tortured any complexes.

Perhaps for this reason, it is quite early to feel independent and in 12 he decided to earn money.He managed to get a dishwasher.After some time, he found a more "prestigious job" - this time, he took the position of Switzerland.

Biography Jared Summer is literally saturated with various facts.She says, for example, that during his boyhood his family permanently relocate.And everywhere Jared found a common language with people around him!

After the young man graduated from high school, he enrolled at the University of the Arts.This school was in Philadelphia, but soon it - due to family circumstances - had come to a different (but in the same specialty), now in New York.

As you can see, biography Jared Summers can be very interesting for his fans, because there are so many interesting facts!

In the early 90s he began his acting career (the most significant of his roles will be discussed below).And towards the end of the 90s he and Shannon, his brother, decided to found a musical group.They called her "30 Seconds to MarsĀ».Today we can say that the summer is better known as a singer than as an actor.

Jared perfectly plays the guitar and sings.Much of the text and the music he wrote himself.In addition, he is director of his clips.

Jared Leto.Filmography

he acted in many films, but some of them stands out particularly.It's about those pictures that have won acclaim from critics and audiences around the world.

While still a student, he took his first steps in his acting career.The first film in which he starred, was the film "Crying Joy".Interestingly, Jared himself wrote the script for her.However, to find a movie today, perhaps, impossible.Therefore, those who want to get acquainted with the early works of the actor, it is necessary to get acquainted with his works such as "Cool and the Crazy" (filmed in 1994), and "patchwork" (filmed in 1995).

  • As for his most famous role, that our conversation is complete without mention of the famous "Requiem for a Dream."
  • Also known for his role in the movie "Alexander" (where he played Hephaestion).
  • In "Lord of War" Summer was a great duet with Nikolos Cage.
  • Ribbon "Lonely Hearts," based on real events and tells the story of two killers 40s.
  • in "Chapter 27" Jared accustomed to the role of the great killer of John Lennon.
  • And in one of his last works - the film "Mr. Nobody" - he played Nemo - man traveling through time.

Surely biography Jared Summers will continue to replenish curious fact.And the loyal fans will constantly monitor its progress in the work.