How to get rid of the cheeks?

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Many women dream about, to be able at will to correct the shortcomings of his face.Now nobody will be surprised that a capricious fashion can often change their standards of female figure, shape and size of breasts, thighs, and so the volume. D. However, when it comes to fashion in the face, it becomes a bit strange - but what about personality?Are all become exactly the same: with full lips and high cheekbones.However, the case of each woman to make a choice in favor of an individual or a template.

recently flooded the world of fashion on the high cheekbones.They were called "aristocratic", while the plump and rosy cheeks nicknamed "the village."Sunken cheeks became associated with the aristocracy in the early twentieth century, when among the elite of society, it was fashionable craze heroin that created this effect.The standard of beauty of the female face of the 2000s became Angiolina Jolie with full lips, high cheekbones, large eyes.Many began to imitate her.Since then, thousands of women have wondered how to get rid of the cheeks.They began to use a variety of methods to get rid of his "lack."It should be noted that most women are biased to their appearance, for example, assuming that they are too thick cheeks.

You should understand that there is a local weight loss.If you are concerned about the question of how to get rid of the cheeks, then you should think about weight loss complex.When the leaves weight, it is usually the first person loses weight.It should limit the intake of salt, which retains water in the body, giving the face swelling.

If you have lost weight, and her cheeks were, that without surgery to change the type of your face is impossible, because it is defined genetically.As a general rule, to 30 years in the cheeks fall off themselves, the person becomes an adult, wrinkles appear.It is interesting that the majority of women do not enjoy their sunken cheeks, as they give out age.Then there are the dreams of plump schёchkah that are associated with youth.

the question: "How to get rid of the cheeks?"you can answer professional beauticians and makeup artists.They will learn to properly adjust the shape of your face.Get rid of too full and red cheeks blush will help to inflicted.Try to make a "sharp" feather from the cheekbones to the ear.It is best suited for that matte blush.Do not use blush pink shades.More suited peach hues.

Women often ask how to get rid of the cheeks using cosmetics.Try to use a cream for slimming persons who lets the company "Turboslim» or «Clarins», which, in the opinion of consumers, are very effective.It can be used for this purpose ultrasonic massagers for face and body.You can try modeling massage.If this does not bring the desired result, you will be asked about how to get rid of the cheeks, a plastic surgeon.

must know that all operations on the face, especially involving bones - rather heavy procedure.In any case, you need to consult a specialist.Perhaps you will only face liposuction.