How to Soak skewers, so he turned gentle

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barbecue - this is a very serious business.We can say that this is a special ritual.Every lover of this dish has its own recipe of how to soak the skewers.The proper marinade depends on many things.This, above all, taste and aroma of kebabs.Due to the marinade, you can make tough meat more tender and juicy.Fry meat - is half the battle, the main thing to know what to marinate skewers.

There are many options for making pickles.That just is not used to make a delicious meat.Of course, each recipe has its pros and cons.And, of course, should take into account the personal preferences of each.I will try to tell you what and how to soak the skewers.

from marinade depends on many things.If you find the right recipe, it will soften the fibers of meat, making it tender.In addition, less time cooking barbecue.So, a few recipes of how to soak the skewers.

To begin with some advice on choosing the dishes.Wood has the capacity to absorb the properties, so it is not recommended to use it for marinating.Aluminum cookware is also not suitable for this process.In recipes typically use products containing acid, and they reacted with the metal.So we take an enamel container and begin to cook the marinade.

There are many opinions about the use of vinegar in the marinade.I must say that it is not desirable to do.It does not improve the taste of meat, and even makes it more rigid.In addition, very pungent odor and a strong acid will kill the real flavor and taste of meat.

If you do not know how to soak the skewers in the best marinade, choose white wine.This is the most sophisticated method.At the historic homeland of kebabs, the Caucasus, a special wine is intended for the preparation of this dish.But if you are the owner of this drink, you can just take any dry white wine.For one kilogram of meat will need about 300 ml of wine.It will give the meat a light fragrance and make it tender and juicy.Believe me, your guests will be amazed by wonderful taste of cooked dishes.

course, wine is not the only ingredient in the marinade.In all cases it is recommended to add the onion, sliced ​​half-rings or even crushed blender (it is believed that in this case he will give all of their meat juices).Luca takes a lot, almost as much, and meat.But before frying sure to remove it from pieces of meat, so it does not spoil the appearance of dishes, burned on skewers.Onions fried separately and served by the cook barbecue.

So, sliced ​​meats necessary pieces and put in a container, alternating layers of chopped onion.Then we take the wine and add to it the spices and salt.Experienced cooks can determine the proportions to the eye, but you can also use herbs in tea bags, which are exactly those proportions.Fill the prepared marinade over the meat and lightly presses it.It should not swim in the marinade.

French is used as a marinade Dijon mustard.Its delicate flavor will not spoil the meat and give it a slight edge.But before you soak the skewers, it should be cut into regular pieces of equal size.More marinade, use a mixture of ketchup and mayonnaise.

easiest product for soaking the meat can be called mineral water.Gas bubbles soften the fibers of meat and make it tender.You can mix mineral water with lemon juice.Meat is not only tender, but will get slightly sour.

When marinating do not forget the spices.Bay leaf, peppercorns, all kinds of peppers and herbs give the meat an exquisite flavor.

Now you know how to cook a barbecue at home and feel free to experiment and to treat their culinary masterpieces with friends and family.