How to cook pancakes

you do not know how to cook pancakes?Let's learn together.My family are very fond of this dish, and products for its preparation should be not much.
You can make traditional potato pancakes without eggs or pancakes.But more about that later.I note that the pancakes are called quite popular all over the world Belarusian dish.Their main ingredient acts potatoes.
first mention of this dish belongs to 1830.It is strongly linked with the name of Jan Shytlera and owes its existence to the influence of German cuisine.

pancakes now gained wide popularity among the different peoples.The recipes of Russian, Ukrainian, Eastern European and Jewish cuisine you can find the answer to the question of how to cook pancakes.In different countries, this dish has a different name: pancakes, latkes, kakorki, pancakes, or karemzlyki tertyuhi.

As we prepare pancakes?

way to create this delicious dish set.The cooking process does not take a lot of money, time and effort.For this dish, along with traditional ingredients may be added to the pressed curds and mincemeat.We'll start with the basics.

Cooking pancakes traditional.

We need to take 2 eggs, potatoes 8 (crumbly varieties), sour cream, vegetable oil and salt.

Crude Peel the potatoes, wash out and rub on a medium grater.If desired, it can be done on a small grater.Floury potatoes does not emit a lot of juice, it makes it easier than cooking.We do not have to add to the vegetable meal or polished to produce spin excess moisture.If you use potatoes, which allocates a lot of fluid during rubbing, you can add to the resulting mash a couple of tablespoons of flour.

then grated potatoes cooked Throw on a colander and leave for a while to drain excess juice.It is advisable not to merge, and to gather in a separate pot.The precipitated starch to collect and add back to the potatoes.It must be done quickly enough to prevent the vegetable dark.

avoid browning potatoes by adding a little vinegar in it.But it is believed that vinegar makes pancakes tough, so it is up to the preparation of root vegetables put into cold water.To expedite the process, you can rub the vegetables in a pan or bowl of water.This makes the finished pancakes fluffy and soft.After heating the excess moisture, introducing the eggs and salt.All the resulting mass should be mixed thoroughly.

Now you have to fry the pancakes from the potatoes.Do it best in a hot cast-iron pan with a thick bottom on any vegetable oil.It is not necessary to pour into the pan too much oil.We spread the pancakes.The dough is better to scoop a tablespoon.With this pancakes are the same shape.Fry them on both sides, 2-3 minutes each.Now, reduce the heat, we shall cover pan with a lid and bring to the readiness of our meal, at a cost of no more than 4 minutes.Ready-made pancakes served with sour cream.

I think you understand how to cook pancakes classic.Now you can go to the kitchen and create delicious meals for family dinners or lunches.However, you can vary the recipe used in the test filling.

And here is the recipe for gourmets - pancakes without eggs.

We need potatoes, flour, melted butter, 1/2 cup sugar, soaked cranberries, sour cream and salt.

Potatoes prepared in the same manner as described in the previous recipe.Grated product is mixed with salt and flour.A dough that is not formed into a pancake hands, so it is necessary to spread the pan with a spoon into the boiling oil.Fry the pancakes on both sides, put on a dish and abundantly polem cream.

Now prepare filling.We give to drain cranberries, throwing it in a colander.Then mix it with sugar and sprinkle liberally over the finished pancakes.

attention, it is important not only how to cook pancakes, but also how to apply: HOT !!!In hot they are the most delicious!