How to cook barley porridge on the water - Secrets and Tips

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Peeled barley - the most common cereal in the old European, Baltic, Russian dishes.In Russia it was called pearl barley - "pearl" because the grains look like small freshwater pearls.

Useful properties of the grains are in a lot of vegetable protein, carbohydrates, fats, and essential for our organism amino acids - lysine.Especially valuable poorly cleaned barley: coarse fibers contribute to the active work of the intestine.

Know how to cook barley porridge on the water - is to be able to cook a variety of dishes from pearl barley.This soups, side dishes, salads, hot dishes separate.And one principle unites them: cook barley water.Dairy barley porridge loses its beneficial properties: our body hardly digestible carbohydrates, and is required to saturate the porridge three times more.

Before cooking barley porridge on the water, you can soak - an ancient way of cooking.Some old recipes advise to soak barley in sour milk, then drain and cook in the water already.

Krupa during cooking greatly increases in volume, so as to obtain a crumbly barley, it is necessary to prepare in the ratio of 1: 5 (one cup of cereal and five glasses of water).This crumbly porridge can be used in salads, soups, stuffed cabbage, replacing normal rice.It is a kind of return to the past: in his time "infidel" grain - rice - has replaced the rump of peeled barley in European cuisine.

If there is a question how to cook barley porridge on the water viscous, the proportion should be different 1: 3.

in boiling salted water and pour cereal and cook on low heat.Barley is preparing for a long time, at least an hour.To avoid burning, it is necessary to stir constantly, but it sometimes does not help.It is better to cook it to "water bath": a pot of porridge put in a large container of boiling water, close.Porridge will be ready in three hours.

Russian saying "Porridge oil will not spoil" literally refers to the pearl: add butter (one tablespoon), we get a full breakfast or dinner.

Boiled pearl barley is often served as a side dish to meat, fish, vegetable dishes.

The German cuisine is known for garnish recipe from purified barley to the trout.For this we need: Loose pearl barley porridge (a certain proportion), 5 heads of onions - shallots (can replace conventional bulb - same thing), butter - about 100 grams.

good warm up oil in a deep skillet, fry it in the chopped onion.Then add the finished barley and simmer it in oil with onion for 5-10 minutes in a closed saucepan.

well balanced for all the requirements of a healthy diet is a barley meal with vegetables.How to cook barley porridge on the water, we already know.The highlight of this recipe is that the cereal is cooked in water until soft.Then it can simmer in the sauce with vegetables.

For the sauce, take 100 grams of vegetable oil, 1-2 carrots, 2 onions onions, 50 grams of celery root, on one piece rutabaga, turnip greens (you can add the pumpkin), 2 pomidoriny or 2 tablespoons of tomato paste, two cloves of garlic, spicygreenery.

The pan is heated vegetable oil and fry the onion.All the vegetables are finely cut or rub on a coarse grater (except tomatoes) and drop into the pan with the onions.Slightly fry the vegetables, put sliced ​​tomatoes or tomato paste, add 2 cups of water.In boiling salted vegetable sauce put barley porridge and stir.Long the dish simmer on very low heat or in the "water bath", it turns out especially tasty in the oven.Ten minutes until cooked garlic flavor.Barley porridge with vegetables served hot, sprinkled with chopped spicy greens.This hearty dish is very good for those who observe fasting days or for vegetarians.