How to cook the dough for dumplings

Manta are considered a dish of Central Asian nations.They are popular in Turkey and Pakistan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tatarstan.It is very nutritious meal, because of the filling includes kurdjuchnyj fat and fat meat minced lamb, beef or horse meat.Mantas are not dietary, and preparing the dough for dumplings is extremely simple, without adding eggs to get bland and combine perfectly with this stuffing.

To prepare fresh dough, you need to take a pound of flour, sift it through a sieve to the oxygen enriched flour and made it easier.The glass of water to dissolve 1 hour. L.salt and gradually pour in the groove slides on the table.Mix the flour with the liquid from the outer edge to the inner and again pour until a dough.There are no eggs in the dough for the dumplings do not put.

should look not very stiff dough, which is necessary to cover with a wet gauze and leave for half an hour.If you notice rolling out the dough is too stiff, it is desirable to add a little water and knead it thoroughly again.Roll out with a rolling pin it very thinly, cut into squares of 10 cm x 10 cm and is filled with stuffing.

Manta never boiled in water and steamed.Enjoy, usually a special large pot in which there are sheets with holes in the bottom.Delicious dumplings produced in an electric steamer.To do this, simply knead fresh dough 2 cups flour and 1 cup of yogurt.Add salt and table it thoroughly kneaded until an elastic state, so it does not stick to hands.

dough dumplings kefir must be rolled several times into squares and then roll into one big ball.As a result of such manipulations will turn out perfect dough, which will be good zaschipyvaem not revealed during the preparation of a couple.Let it rest for a bit, then it should be fine to roll into small squares.Stuffing should be put immediately to prevent chapping test, otherwise the edges are held together badly, and manta rays can be opened during cooking.

If used for stuffing lean meat or you want to make the gown lighter, such that they could have children and old people who already have problems with digestion, while kneading the dough using the eggs.As factories dough on manta rays in this case?

Initially, the slide table pour three cups sifted flour.Make a small indentation in the hill, and pierce the egg.Then, cold water is added in an amount of 0.5 or slightly more cups.Thoroughly kneaded.The longer does test, so it becomes softer and more pliable.To shift it into a bowl and cover with a damp towel.While preparing the filling, the dough finally comes.

can cook yeast dough for dumplings in the sponge.From it is prepared vegetable dumplings with pumpkin and potato, cabbage and onions.In size they get more, but much inferior to taste real meat of the mantle.

People who like Asian cuisine, have to try to cook this dish.Very nice look manti on a plate, if they make the correct test.The opposite edges of each square zaschipyvayut top.Then, from the top down bonded lines.Then two located near the edges connect, and it turns a semicircular culinary masterpiece - a beautiful, strong and original form.

Asian cooking, manta rays and beshbarmak enjoys a large and well-deserved popularity among people of many nationalities.Each of these nations has its own characteristics, its secrets, subtle nuances.But based on the preparation of these dishes is always patient women's work in the kitchen and a great desire to feed their loved ones delicious and guests.