How to remove and how to buy an apartment without a realtor

Real estate for many of today's citizens are quite complex and obscure.However, often there are situations when it is necessary to sell the apartment without a realtor.Forums and other online resources report that it is difficult, but it is possible to implement.So how do you do it?Let's face it.

Disadvantages agencies

Most modern people much more willing to use the services of realtor services than its own.However, experience has shown that all of these agencies regardless of size using about the same scheme.This means that any company would fall no choice, you still can not guarantee the immediate presence of a suitable option.Large agencies do not treat your request as piece goods.A small firms typically use proven circuitry which develop the above company.This means that the result will be the same.So, how fast to buy an apartment?Each of us is quite capable of making successful deals, the subject of which includes real estate of any type.However, before this is not out of place to study the work of real estate agencies.This will highlight the basic principles, to determine the order of action and gather the missing information you need.For example, you must know that there are currently two main directions of the real estate companies.Their most important difference is in the method of payment for services rendered.According to the first method, you can select among the options chosen by employees previously mentioned organizations and pay a certain amount when you visit each of them.Thus, the transfer of funds to your agent represents the gradual replenishment of the balance of a relatively small amount.When this form of activity as a buyer you should be wary of unscrupulous agents.The more housing options you visit, the more funds will be transferred.In a second method realtor still picks you a number of apartments that correspond to these requirements, however, payment for his services performed only once upon check-in.This means that the exhaustive search will continue as long as you do not find that very apartment in which you want to live.

How to buy an apartment without a realtor?

Having read the information provided in a variety of online resources, it can be concluded that the main cause of treatment in all kinds of real estate agency becomes the fear of being cheated.This phobia is real enough.However, it can be avoided.So, how to buy an apartment?


As the saying goes, "aware of - is forearmed."Therefore, you can get away with if you have a sufficient amount of information required.It is important to remember that people who are engaged in the implementation of the apartments are not very different from other sellers.This means that they will try to use all sorts of tricks, as soon as possible to convince the buyer to purchase the goods.Knowing these tricks will help you understand how to buy an apartment without a realtor.Let's look at what points need to pay attention.

First step: search suggestions

Currently, more and more people can be attributed to those who daily and actively use "World Wide Web".Therefore, each of them will be able to easily answer the question of how to find an apartment without a realtor.Commit this action is actually quite simple.It is necessary in the search box of any browser to write the required query.After that, you will be offered Internet pages a huge number of sites, whose main objective - to provide data on the sold apartments.Here you can expect the first of the tricks.For example, feed ads are not owner-occupied flats, real estate agencies and staff.However about this trick you can find out without even opening a detailed description of the ad.It should be a little bit Scroll down the page.If you came across two or more ads that are shown the same contact details, you can safely discard such options.The same advice applies to the question of how to rent an apartment without a realtor.Remember that if you set out to make a deal without any intermediaries, and as previously ads tied to a single phone number, they will lead you to the same person.

second caveat, waiting for you, is misrepresentation.It is clear that every seller wants to realize their goods at the maximum value, and for that it is important to promote the dignity of the property.In addition, quite often you can find ads in which the accompanying pictures do not correspond to reality.For example, they can display any other object.Unfortunately, in most cases, such a discrepancy check is possible only during the inspection of the apartment.

Document review Once you have found among all the diversity represented by the desired option, you can proceed to the second stage to answer the question on how to buy an apartment without a realtor.It is a thorough check of all documents available to the seller at the property.In the following material will be considered the most likely points that should be given maximum attention.

Rights and confirm

current legislation are regulated by different regulations that are directly or indirectly related to the question of how to decorate an apartment without a realtor.According to them, to perform any operations with real estate under consideration shall be entitled to either the owner of the apartment or the trustee (eg realtor), whose powers have a corresponding confirmation from the notary.So, how does the owner of the apartment to confirm their claims?Currently distinguish about a dozen forms of owning real estate.For example, it may be a transfer of inheritance rights, the contract of sale, exchange, gift certificate, privatization and more.

to know how most buy an apartment, you must remember that one of the document is not enough.You as the buyer have the obligation to demand the act of registration of entitlement.This document confirms the personality of the owner, his passport details, and claims to this species apartments and some of the parameters of the living space.It is believed that the owner comes into its own is with the date of issue of the certificate of registration.In addition, it should be remembered that the owner of the considered residential area can only be a capable citizen.Check out this fact may be, if we turn to the guardianship authorities for obtaining the corresponding certificate.

Full package

If you want to learn how to buy an apartment itself, remember that you must check each certificate and the certificate provided by the seller.The slightest discrepancy, and you can be in the future and without deposited funds and without shelter.So find out whether collected by the owner of the apartment all the required documents.These include:

  1. various legal documents;
  2. extract from the passport office;
  3. reference from the tax inspectorate and public services;
  4. cadastral and technical passports of the property;
  5. written consent of the owners considered living space (including can act as members of the family, such as spouse (if they are married to), relatives (if they are registered and permanently reside in this apartment) and cohabitants who have previously purchased fromthe owner of the room, they must agree with the forthcoming sale).

"Children" issue

Currently, there are cases when the property owner has underage offspring.How to buy an apartment without intermediaries in such a case?To purchase the apartment in such a situation it is important to remember that children are also the owners of the residential area.Consequently, it must be remembered and their rights.Accounting relying priorities can be made using the appropriate certificate, which is issued in the bodies of trusteeship and guardianship.Such a certificate at the same time is considered to be a resolution on the implementation of real estate.Among other things, it should be noted that prior to the specified organization must apply to the case under consideration in the apartment registered incapable persons.


often owners of apartments are not satisfied with the location of the walls, rooms and other footage.The best solution is considered to be an adjustment in housing.How to buy an apartment without a realtor in the presence of such changes?It is necessary to require the owner of the apartment the appropriate permissions and certificates that can be performed to confirm the validity of redevelopment.If such documents are not, you should think about considering the reasonableness of such a purchase option.Indeed, in this case, you yourself will have to perform all the required activities and to collect certificates.In addition, expect to pay a certain sum of money to defray the penalty.

Particular attention

If you have firmly told me: "Buy an apartment without a realtor!"- It is necessary to focus on some important points.

  1. requirements seller All documents must be originals.
  2. In that case, if the owner is divorced, but at the time of purchase of property was married, it is important to check for spousal consent for the implementation of this apartment.To replace such a document may be evidence of the division of property obtained in the course of the trial.
  3. If the seller has the right of succession to this living space, it is important to ensure the absence of any other heirs to it.

Additional information

The above material describes the most likely points where the seller can apply his tricks and gimmicks.However, if you're wondering how to buy an apartment without intermediaries, it will be important to pay attention to the following aspects: how often considered bought and sold real estate.Ideally, the apartment owner should change as little as possible time.Otherwise, doubts creep in themselves: is it a good apartment as it is described?Why did not stay there the previous owners?Perhaps the answer to these questions will help to visit neighbors.Ask them about the previous occupants and other inhabitants of the entrance.The second point, which is to check with the seller, is to clarify the question as to whether there was not considered property subject to litigation.It is possible that the owner is trying to implement the arrested apartment.In addition, pay special attention to the number of heirs (if the current owner of the apartment was under the will of a relative).If there are any other persons applying for this home, find out the reason why they abandoned the apartment.In practice, there are cases when after some time suddenly appear relatives, eager to settle on a consideration of the living space.An important question remains privatization.Ask whether all prescription in the apartment were present at the time of redemption of property from the state.Because otherwise they can challenge the privatization in court.Buying


In current practice, there are cases when the buyer wants to buy their own property, but not yet ready for the search of his apartment.In this situation, you can pay attention to the implementation of property individual room.It is considered to be not so expensive pleasure, but finding a suitable option requires patience and perseverance.So, how to buy a room without a realtor?Generally speaking, you should pay attention to those aspects which have already been listed earlier in this article.However, when buying part of the property, namely the room, you must remember that you are becoming a co-owner of the real estate under consideration.This means that a stranger to you people will have as much right to the property in question, as you are.In addition, following the successful conclusion of the contract of purchase / sale without your consent will not be possible with various operations of the apartment.

Scale action

Currently become more and more prestigious accommodation in their own homes.However, not everyone can boast of a desire and ability to independently engage in the construction and arrangement of the so-called family nest.It is much easier to buy a ready-to-live property.How to buy a house without a realtor?In most cases, you can use the tips listed above.However, you must remember that the private building requires training, and accordingly, and check a much larger number of documents.Therefore, it will require you to pay more attention to the process of obtaining all the necessary paperwork.


If you do not intend to buy real estate, there is a possibility to rent it for a certain period.However, in this case it is necessary to adhere to certain rules.To a question about how to rent an apartment without a realtor, it is appropriate description of all the subtleties and tricks mentioned in previous submissions.