How to make wasabi recipe

Wasabi - this plant, which is also called "evtrema Japanese" folk as its name - "Japanese horseradish".Like conventional horseradish roots of this plant is used in the preparation of various dishes.More than six hundred years of its use in food, just grinding on a grater.This root has a very pungent odor, which acts on the nasal sinuses.This is also called wasabi "honvasabi."If we look at the root of this vegetable, we can see that the palatability is not distributed equally: the upper part has a more pungent flavor than the lower.Cook rub as root on a grater, as required, and the rest is wrapped in plastic wrap and sent for storage in the refrigerator.Shrink-wrapped root can still about a month to maintain their properties.

In the food use only three or four-year roots.This wasabi can be found only in Japan, it is very expensive is valued because of its growing conditions are quite complicated.So ubiquitous use imitation wasabi.The recipe is simple: to mush horseradish adds spice and food coloring.In this way, they made an analog of this condiment in many restaurants because the cost of the wasabi is very high and only a few elite institutions can not afford to use the root of this plant.

And if not a regular table horseradish, some of which make wasabi?Which products are suitable for simulating such a refined vegetable?

seasoning used in cooking, not made from wasabi and daikon.This vegetable is easy to grow, and the severity of taste resembles the taste of real wasabi.The recipe for the simple seasoning: vegetable is comminuted, dried and converted into powder, paste or tablets, which subsequently serve as a basis for preparation of the product.For consistency pulp wasabi just need to add some water to the powder and mix thoroughly to obtain a homogeneous mass.However, since this vegetable is white in color and not green as real wasabi, for imparting the original color of the dye used.

Let's look at how to cook at home wasabi.

wasabi powder and boiled water should be proportional to each other.Carefully connect the components, mix thoroughly and seasoning ready.

lovers something unusual can pamper themselves with wasabi ice cream.Recipe for ice cream as follows: Connect the five egg yolks, 100 g of sugar and powdered wasabi - '10 Mix gently and cook in a water bath for five minutes - seven.After that, let the product cool.Then add 200 g of whipped cream and mix thoroughly all ingredients.After selecting the desired shape for the future of ice cream, pour the resulting mass and leave it to cool for about three hours - four.At this time it is possible to cook a biscuit.Its structure does not include wasabi.Preparation: 125 g butter whisk with 70 g of sugar to obtain a brightness and uniformity.Gradually add the five egg yolks.A bar of chocolate in a water bath melt and trickle enter mass.Separately mix flour (120 g), starch (15 g), baking dough (5 g).Then mix all the ingredients.To spice you can add ginger juice.

Whisk the egg whites with the sugar until a slight foam.Pour into the biscuit dough and mix firmly place the envelope in the confectionery.Take the cake for the future shape and fill it one-third, and then send it in the oven for ten minutes -dvenadtsat.Bake at 200 degrees.Ready to pass on cake plate.Ice cream lay directly on the cake.Decorate the plate slices of pineapple, mint leaf and strawberries.

Itadakimas!That is to say, bon appetit.