After birth, when you can take a bath?

Childbirth is a natural function of the female body.However, after the appearance of a baby into the world is particularly attentive to their well-being.This applies to both the first weeks and months after further delivery.This article will answer the question of whether after birth when you can take a bath.You will learn what people think about this woman and experienced specialists.

After birth, when you can take a bath?

Opinions on this issue diverge.Some doctors say that water treatment can be carried out after only two weeks after the baby.Others believe that it is necessary to wait for one month.The third group of doctors believes that the bath after childbirth should not be taken during the first six months.What to do souped mums?How to be in this situation?When it is possible to bathe in a bath after giving birth?

natural process

If the baby was born naturally and there were no complications after childbirth, when you can take a bath?Gynecologists say that no categorical prohibition in this case.However, women still recommend to wait for the full completion of discharge (average 4-6 weeks).

If you take a hot bath at the time when the uterus is still bleeding, it can lead to increased lochia.Also during this period there is a high probability of infection.The cervix is ​​not yet fully recovered, the water can easily penetrate into the genital organ.All this leads to the multiplication of microbes and bacteria.Increased bleeding provoke a favorable environment for the development of pathological microorganisms.

Caesarean section

If the appearance of the baby was born by caesarean section and there were no complications during surgery and after delivery when you can take a bath?Doctors strongly recommend in this case to follow the advice of your gynecologist and not to neglect them.If the joint is healing well, then soak in the bath after a woman may be 8-10 weeks after the appearance of the child.

Failure to do so may develop an infection in the joint and inside the genitals.It is worth noting that women past cesarean section are more prone to microbial growth.All because of the fact that the uterus has a through injury.

additional scraping

One of the most frequent complications during childbirth is a poor discharge of the placenta or fetal membranes delay.If a woman is faced with such a problem, then it intensifies bleeding, pain in the lower part of the peritoneum.It can also increase the body temperature and cause weakness.On ultrasound the doctor can detect pathology.Treatment in this case an emergency.Women produce scraping cavity genitals under anesthesia.How many after such a procedure can take a bath?

Doctors establish a period of two or three months.This is the time required for complete healing of wounds in the uterus.After scraping women are particularly susceptible to infection accession.That is why you should not disobey your physician and do everything on his own.

Opinions women

The fairer sex, passed through the generations, also have different opinions about this.Some women claim that taking a bath in the first day after discharge, and nothing terrible has happened.Other ladies say that before the water procedures necessary to insert a tampon and then you can not be afraid of anything.However, doctors claim that it is a personal care product and should not be used for several months after birth.

third group of women said that they did not take very long bath after childbirth.The fact is that they simply did not have time for this.

How to take a bath after giving birth?

ban bathing after birth does not mean that you should completely give up the water treatments.Shower you can visit the very next day after a vaginal delivery or one week after caesarean section.But how to take a bath after giving birth?Make this the most safe for health and general well-being will help you the following tips.

  • Doctors say that will help prevent infection bath with camomile.
  • Also, doctors strongly recommend to lie in the water for more than five minutes.For the first time it should be enough.
  • Bath with chamomile also helps you to relax and regain lost strength.
  • Use boiled water to prepare the bath.
  • Do not add salt, foam and any flavorings.
  • Remember that hot tub promotes the development of enhanced breast milk.

Now, you know, when you can take a bath after giving birth in a particular case.Try not to engage in independent action in this delicate issue.Listen carefully to your doctor's advice and stay healthy!