How to cook a dish of duck recipes.

on the holiday table are increasingly began to appear duck dishes.Recipes is the bird becoming increasingly popular.Even despite the fact that this is not diet food.But - very tasty.Duck meat is quite dark in color, with a characteristic odor.Duck meat is useful for exhaustion as a good source of protein.It is composed of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins A and B, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, and iron.Calories per 100 grams of duck meat - 350 kcal.

main indicator when choosing a duck to prepare a fatness.It is necessary to choose a sufficiently fattened bird as too fat will sugary taste and bad learned and poorly-fed will make the dish with dry and rough.To soften the taste of fat to the dish of duck served sour side dishes such as sauerkraut, sour apples, pickled vegetables.

What are the duck dishes, the recipes for their preparation and recommendations can be found on the Internet, cookbooks and many more where.Cook the duck in a pot and fry, and soar, and cook - as you wish.

Our ancestors went hunting and mining of various wild birds to the table: cranes, swans, herons, black grouse, partridges and others, and also fed poultry ducks, geese, chickens and others.Delicious duck recipes are known for a long time, they can be served to the table today.

most famous dish of duck recipes have survived to the present day - this is still a festive dishes of baked whole game with a variety of berries and fruits: duck in apples;Duck baked with potatoes and prunes, duck, stuffed with milk mushrooms and many others.Such dishes are usually served for the festive table, and become its highlight.

at home, you can cook a duck.Here is a recipe how to cook roast duck in the pot.To prepare you need the following ingredients: a small duck (bird) 600-700 g, groats (buckwheat or millet) - 200-300 g, one medium sized onion, carrots, too, is one of medium size, 200 grams of sour cream, spices to taste - salt,pepper.

cooking in the pot roast duck is better than frying, because the meat is better than stew in their own juice and spices.First you need to cut the carcass into small pieces.Fold the meat in pots, pour a little water and cook in the oven until soft.At this time, you can prepare the onion - cut into half rings, and carrots - cut into strips.Half a duck to get ready and add the onions and carrots, pre-draining unnecessary fat from the pot.Add cereal, a little water (instead of the fusion of fat), and again send it in the oven.Cook until cooked cereals.Add the cream and bring to a fully cooked meal.

believed that such a dish, like a shulyum is prepared only for the stake.When fresh game languishing in the cauldron, and then ennobled the grass - outdoors simply unforgettable action.But at home, too, can cook a duck shulyum.

You will need the following: root celery, shallot, rucola, potatoes and garlic.Rye bread, juniper, spinach, fresh rosemary, duck broth (100 g), the actual bird duck (gutted and washed).Duck meat is put in a pan in salted water and simmer until fully cooked.Then it is necessary to separate the meat from the bones and finely chop it.Peel the potatoes and celery, cut into small cubes and boil in broth with chopped duck meat until cooked.Cut the shallots into strips and dry in the oven.When serving this dish to add fresh herbs and garlic and rye bread (best French toast) with salt separately submit to the table.This is a very tasty dish and surprise guests will appreciate the family.

At home, it is best used in cooking meat ducklings, which had not yet had time to acquire a large amount of fat, it is more gentle and has such a unique smell, like a duck adult.