Do people eat it?

How many people on earth, so many delicacies.What dish can rightly be considered the king of all varieties - is very difficult to judge.Try to choose in today's menu that you like.

1. canned silkworm chrysalis .Quite a popular food in Korea.Typically the bars fed to beer.

2. jelly acne .Will England be sure to try.Do not be afraid, acne is such a nasty, slimy fish that still beats to the same shock.

3. Scorpions. Scorpions eat not only in Asia.The elite restaurants in New York and Amsterdam spoiled exotic delights audiences are treated to a snack of cheese scorpion on a pillow surrounded by lettuce.There are better off without legs and head.The body inside is white, sometimes brown color.By the time of preparation is not toxic.It is considered a delicacy.In Chinese restaurants, scorpions often cook for a couple and served on a thin cake with a light sour sauce and vegetables.On the palate exotic dish, crispy, if a scorpion inside is not empty, it has a slightly bitter taste.

4. Live octopus. Korea is considered a great delicacy octopus.You see and you can select it in large aquariums, which are typically located at the entrance to the restaurant.They love it, and older men and young girls.Right there you need the octopus head, then he did not strangle you with their tentacles.But for thrill-seekers, the octopus is usually cut into small pieces, about 1-2 cm and served with kimchi (Korean cult dish - pickled cabbage in a special way).Pieces of tentacles wrapped in kimchi and eat.It tastes like overcooked squid.That is hard.The beneficial: did not contain fat.

5. Balut. This duck egg, an embryo which has already grown a beak, feathers and grew, and thus ready for use, but first it is cooked.It is said that the stone is especially pleasant crunch.Eat it in the Philippines.

6. Cheese Egg ants. In Mexico, for dessert you will be offered mashed eggs giant black liometopumovyh ants who live in agave.Collect the eggs damn dangerous job, because that ants are poisonous and do not like people.The consistency of the egg about as cottage cheese.Usually eaten in tacos with their sauce Guacamole.They taste pretty good, so buying in Mexico, something of ethnic cuisine, you may not notice that the ants ate the eggs.

7. Fried rat. Earlier in Paraguay eating rat meat mainly in small villages, but now the fashion spread throughout the country.True rats now often replaced with guinea pigs, claiming that their meat is not inferior to its beneficial properties and taste even sweeter.Fried, stewed, stuffed, dried - Paraguayans can prepare rodent pests in any way.Best of all newborn pups, which are prepared and swallowed whole with a glass of milk.The taste is reminiscent of roast duck.Paraguayans believe that the meat krysok very rich in protein, also was not fat, but also it supposedly improves the complexion.

8. The larvae of bees. China beekeepers eat bee larvae.Therefore, beekeepers are different strength and masculinity.Moreover, not only in China, but also in Russia has long been eaten beekeepers' bees worms. "Eat them raw, straight comb honey.Fried with salt and pepper, they serve excellent beer snack.And of them is prepared pie.The taste of raw have a very refined taste of the sweet cream.The more useful: a high content of useful microelements.

9. Soup crickets. the Philippines and Thailand, there are many subtle ways to cook crickets - they are fried, boiled, dried and even baked chocolate.There are better off without their legs and wings, but you can entirely.Crickets fun crunch in the mouth, and if you do not think that it is non-standard food end as quickly as popcorn at the cinema shows.The taste is similar and grasshoppers, and caterpillars, in general, the standard fried insects.The more useful: they contain useful shell chitin, which helps digestion.

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