The types of men, which is to be feared

There are several categories of boys, from whom should stay away.Nothing good such bonds usually do not end there.At best, wasting time.


pathological jealous endless nagging suspicions and thoroughly able to poison your existence.Perhaps the first time the situation will amuse you, but believe me, very soon you will not be a laughing matter.Remember the phrase, which can identify such jealous: "Why is it on you like that?" "I saw you smiled at him," "You're late for three minutes", "For whom are you wearing a blouse with a plunging neckline?"... In addition, jealousy is usually accompanied by scandal, sometimes even with attempts to use physical force.Do not give him the satisfaction - in any case does not venturing shouting match and do not succumb to provocations, only jealous that it should be.Try to talk quietly.Talking does not help - you just do not on the road, constantly justify and prove his innocence quickly get bored.


mama's boy often brought up without a father.The mother solution is completely in his beloved Chad, he sacrificed for him his own personal life and expect from the son of the same in return.Since childhood, surrounding it with total care and attention, a mother and adult life continues to take care of their offspring.So just another woman she did not give up!Most likely, for the mother's son of you seem a good enough party, unless you are willing to fully give him the love, affection and care to which he was accustomed.Even if possible, by some miracle, to marry his "Mamsikov", in addition to the adult child you will have eternal critic and supervisor in the person-in-law, that will always be present in your family life.And whether you want to wedge in the idyll of mother and son, as they are happy together ...?


his mistresses' zhenatiki "usually tell sentimental stories about how bad he lives with his wife.But he can not get away right now - she is sick, youngest not yet finished kindergarten / school / college, his old mother would not survive a divorce, etc.Imaginary reasons may be many, the result of one - he is not divorced is still not going to do that ... ever."Crown" the phrase: "I'm so lonely in marriage", "My wife has long strangers," "Hold on a little more ..." Do you want to wait and be deceived, it's yours.Most men are afraid of sudden changes in life and prefer to "go with the flow", choosing a more conventional and proven option.If you really want this man, he always comes back to you, but free.


ability to calculate your weaknesses and skillfully put pressure on them - talent, thanks to which became such a gigolo.To get under the spell of handsome - the prerogative of not only aging and bored ladies, alas ... After all, in his stories, he is hard-working, honest, a talented young man who has a bright future ahead - just need a little support him on the way to it.And if compelling circumstances, which he enthusiastically tells you, unhappy for a long time could have become rich and famous.But alas, we have to feed the shiftless relatives to pay for education and / or treatment of any of them, because he - the last hope and support his family.At the same time he could not find a good job and you have to repay the loan.Do you want someone to feel sorry for, fed and warm - take a homeless kitten or puppy, gratitude, and feel the impact much greater.

pikaper Casanova, Casanova ...

... In general, fans of swimming in the women's attention and conquer new girls' hearts.Usually, they are easy to "calculate" the abundance of sugary compliments and repeatedly broken heart in the past.Victory replaced by disappointment, Casanova himself often can not break this vicious circle.Even marrying this type will never be faithful to his wife - he's just incapable of it.And the marriage will likely not last long - after Casanova will miss more and more victories.


most dangerous of all the above types of men is a domestic tyrant.Detect it is sometimes very difficult - the first tyrant well disguised, because before he can dominate the mind of the victim, he should call her trust, fall in love with.Having become acquainted with the future victim, tyrant begins to show a pronounced masculine.The phrases "all your problems, I accept", "Will you follow me, like a stone wall", "My future wife and children will not need anything" inspire the confidence of potential victims, it allows you to relax yourself in the shadow of a strong man.

Most often the problem starts in a couple with a joint household.By the time the victim is completely in love I am convinced that with her real man, its second half, strong, reliable, caring, is the best.And then he begins to cultivate it, to explain what it is not good enough.Unexpected carping and attacks the victim caught off guard, forced to try to become better, to conform to the ideal of a loved one, not realizing that it is impossible to please the tyrant.Tiran inspires sacrifice it to her that something was wrong, that its flaws hinder their joint cloudless happiness.Life with such a person suppresses the nature of the victims, humiliates her dignity.By the time the victim does not see the situation from the outside, justifying the tyrant.Tyranny brings some damage to your psyche.Constant insults and degradation have a negative impact on self-esteem - begins, in fact, seem that constantly "pokes" and deserved reproach.Against this background, it is not surprising, very quickly formed an inferiority complex.

reasons for which a person turns into a domestic tyrant, can be quite different: lack of love, violence in childhood, domestic complexes, finally, a certain character traits.The tyrant himself, in fact, damage its main sore point - pride.From others he conceals a flaw in the guise of aggression.Understand that you do not have to put up with the unbearable nature of her husband.You are an independent person who has exactly the same rights as he did.And, too, you have the right to emotional peace and respect.You will never be able to fix the nature of the tyrant, because he believes that is a role model.

each of us at least once in his life had to deal with one of the types mentioned above.Think of it as a learning experience, because now you've probably come to the choice of the second half more closely and easily "see through" the unwanted, and perhaps dangerous challenger.You should not waste your time and spend themselves out of fear of being alone.Love and respect yourself, be sure the right person will meet on your way.

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