How to stop lisp?

Correction lisp requires persistence and high motivation.If you have a burning desire to learn how to pronounce the sounds naughty, it remains only to regularly perform simple exercises.

burr How to stop a child?

Classes with children should be conducted in the form of a game.The child must realize that he wants to achieve the correct pronunciation.

Exercise "Breeze»

Ask your child to put his head on your knees and suck the tongue to the palate.Clean finger, thumb and index finger, press the edge of the tongue to the sky and leave the tip free.Ask your child to blow into the language of force.Usually at this time vibrations occur language.

Exercise "Bee»

Let the child will raise a tongue and place the tip of the upper teeth.Ask the baby for a long time to pronounce the sound "zzh" reminiscent of the buzz.You will hear [s] with overtones [w] or [x] with overtones [s].

Exercise "Ticker»

Correction burr depends on the regular performance of the next exercise.Language of the child should be broad and intense.It should be the index finger of the child or her to try to "make" the language of the baby.Wrap a straight, clean your finger with a handkerchief or put on a pacifier for the bottle.Place a finger under his tongue and makes a quick movement from side to side.Hear a rumbling sound.

Explain to your child that the language in the exercise should not go places and be tight as a guitar string at.

Can you say that the language of the child is a small motor, which you need to make.Let the kid work out cause rumbling vibration language.Over time, it will be able to clean up a finger and pull on their own for some time the sound [p].As a result of constant training child will be able to pronounce this sound at all without the aid of a finger.

burr How to stop if there is not a long time self vibration of the language?Go to the pronunciation of words with sound [p] also use a finger.

burr How to stop an adult?

As an adult vocal apparatus has already been formed, and the sounds of habit pronounced correctly, need to demonstrate willpower.However, the burr in adults it is correctable.

Exercises for adults

1. Two minutes slow, but not stop, repeat the three sounds: "te-le-te."Then say the sound is a combination of an accelerated pace for five minutes.When pronouncing the sound "le" tip of the tongue should be at the tubercles of the upper teeth.Gradually you will begin to get [p].

2. pronounce the combination of sounds "te-te-te".The first sound of "de" is pronounced as you normally would, and the second "de" to remind the English sound [d].Say it so that the tip of the tongue located on tubercles of the upper front teeth.Speak slowly and combination of sounds non-stop for seven minutes.Repeat these sounds at an accelerated pace until you feel that you get a clear [p].

3. practiced the pronunciation of words with sound [p].Ten times, repeat the following words: a dart, shot, glass tubes, throttle, bustard, tremors, wood, troll wire, trolley, clot the thigh, bucket, wise, cunning, subway, building, shaving, grooming, rainbow, tram, fear,treshka, joy, greetings, stench variety enmity board.

you will no longer wonder, "How to stop lisp?", If you do the exercises in the morning, afternoon and evening every day.