Holding a press conference, the basic rules

Journalists appreciate participate in press conferences, as they provide an opportunity to receive the most current information first hand.They were attended by representatives of large companies, popular person.There is an opportunity to draw attention to a problem, to introduce a new type of service, to talk about the success that the company has achieved.After the press conference - it is the central event, which dealt with many important issues and challenges.It is therefore important to know how to organize an event.

Large organizations interested in the objective media coverage of their activities, make a plan in advance the frequency of press conferences.In addition, the frequency of such events suggests confidence in the press and is able to create a sense of stability.Average organization must determine for themselves what is best for them.Most often, journalists are invited to monthly or quarterly.

think through the major theme events (the story of the market situation, the presentation of the new services of the company, analysis of activity in the quarter), it is necessary to formulate succinctly.It should sound like this to draw attention to the upcoming press conference.

It is advisable to hold a press conference did not coincide with the district, city events or major events that may take a significant part of journalists.The optimal time for the press conference will be the middle of the week, no later than four o'clock in the afternoon.It is also desirable that your event coincided with the same, which will be conducted by the authorities.

choosing a place where it is planned to hold a press conference should be based on the capabilities of the organization.The room must necessarily be large enough to accommodate at least twenty people, but on the other hand, there should be plenty of space, to avoid the feeling of insignificance of the event.It should pay attention to whether there are microphones in the hall, if necessary, to take care of a projection screen.If invited journalists from television, they need to provide space for placement of cameras.

to preparation and holding of the press conference was held at a high level, you need to make a list of the media, whose representatives will take part in the event.Two weeks prior to the scheduled conference, journalists send out press releases and invitations, which contain theme of the event, the name of the journalist, date and venue.If the address is on a little-known street, an invitation to provide better traffic patterns.On the eve of the event, to clarify the number of guests, journalists need to ring up.After all, they can forget about the invitation or to receive a press release.

Before the conference held registration of participants.Later, completed the list of invited journalists are leading the event.To hold a press conference created an atmosphere of hospitality, it is necessary to take care of the tables for journalists, which should put the name of the media.

For journalists prepared a special presentation packs containing "handout", which includes a press release, the list of speakers at the press conference those promotional and advertising materials.

press secretary, which is holding a press conference, opens the event, announces its theme then is the people who give a press conference.Also, his duties include tracking regulations.The press secretary must be able to conduct a dialogue.He has in the event of a hitch in the conversation appeared to fill the silence.

on the table, behind which sit the person giving the press conference, it is necessary to place plaques with their names and positions.For events, designed for a long time, there should be a break for a coffee break, a visit to the toilet and smoking rooms.