How to use Hartmann?

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Computer games have long been ceased to be a novelty: they play like schoolboys, and middle-aged people (and even more).Certainly, the players with the experience remember the glorious 2007, when the global network has a wonderful program Chetomatic.Its task is very simple - it scans memory of a running process, finding the right values ​​and adjustments.In simple terms, Chetomatic - a program to break some of the parameters of games.For example, the player character can give unlimited vital energy or resources.However, the game becomes more difficult, and the program has not improved.The people demanded a convenient and effective alternative solution, and it was not long in coming - there was "Hartmann".In this program, an attacker basic idea remains similar Chetomatic, so someone who is familiar with the "Chetomatikom" the question "how to use Hartmann" will not arise.

But now a new generation of players, and online games have strongly occupied a niche in the market.It is quite clear now that not everyone knows how to use Artmoney.While the games are becoming harder and be able to break them - the duty of any gamer.Today we look at how to use Hartmann.

first need to download the program.It is recommended not to look for detours, and choose free distribution directly to the developer's site.In fact, to use Hartmann, no big deal.Download software must be installed on the system.On the desktop will start the appropriate shortcut.The first important point: Hartmann should be run to start the game.In this case, memory allocation will be more optimal.

Then run the game and decide what kind of want to change the setting.For example, a character has 100 lives, and we need 1,000 or, in general, want to freeze the counter, in fact, obtain immortality.Pauses the game!This second point is sometimes overlooked by beginners who are studying how to use Hartmann.

Now turn off the game.Please note that not all games support this feature: sometimes a combination of the buttons do not work or that are as frustrating game application closes with an error.Hide in several ways, the standard - it is Alt + Tab.You can also press Win - it displays the desktop.Windows 7 users can try the function of Aero - «Win + Tab».

Hartmann In the call list of running applications - the window "Select process" and point game.Push the button "Search".In the "Value" recruit our numbers (100 lives).The process of scanning, the speed of which depends on the speed of the memory subsystem (dual-channel access and the latest processors are welcome).

now back in the game and work to change adjustable parameters (life should be less than or greater than 100).Again pause, turn.

Now Hartmann choose our game and click "Weed".In the new value is entered.The large list of detected addresses should remain 2-3 (ideally - 1).If the screening is too many addresses, change the game again and again keeps out value (do not forget to add a new value).The remaining one address - that's our data.Double-clicking the mouse will transfer them to the right window Hartmann.Here edit option when entering the desired "value".To freeze is necessary to put a cross in front.We return to the game and get invincibility.

way, Hartmann used for online games will not work, because the actual data is stored on the server agrees, and he, for obvious reasons, just a player to hack available.Trying to break the power of the game will display the set value, but in reality the change will not be applied.