How to cook millet porridge

When I was little, it could not stand Pshenko.And if the house under the formidable mother's eyes had to eat as it seemed to me, disgusting and not useful porridge, then at school I boycott (of course, implicit) and tried to get rid of the plates Pshenko.While I have absolutely no interest in talking about the use of cereals and, of course, I'm not interested in how to cook millet porridge.

Meanwhile, I noted with surprise that the millet porridge is often given for breakfast, not only in school but also in the camp, and in the hospital.My indignation knew no bounds: Is the adult aunt and uncle want to turn us into chickens?

Now, recalling his childhood beliefs, I could not help smiling, and I regret that as a child did not understand how important this porridge, which, incidentally, is not in vain fed chickens.Moreover, my daughter, who indignantly inflates lips at the sight of millet porridge, to go through the same path towards it, which at one time I followed.

Now I know that millet porridge should be present in the diet because it contains a lot of minerals, vitamins and fiber - that is necessary for normal functioning of the stomach.But to be honest, not always cooked me porridge was obtained delicious, so one day I wondered how to cook millet porridge.

In order to get an answer to my question is exciting, I rummaged through my mother's cooking the books and read articles from the Internet.I am interested in the following points: what, in fact, you can prepare tasty and healthy millet porridge (ie food components), in which the ratio of the ingredients should be taken and how to cook millet porridge.

After a while, I was savvy knowledge about proper cooking millet porridge, had only to put them into practice.So here's what I found out.

Prerequisites.For the preparation of millet porridge, we will need millet cereal, water, milk, sugar, salt and butter.

Useful information before preparing the porridge is very important to choose the right rump, stop their attention on the rump yellow saturated color.Before it is necessary to go through the process of preparing the necessary number of Pshenko (remove all unnecessary) and rinse it several times, then pour boiling water.

During cooking Pshenko increased five times, so do not throw too much cereal.

Cook millet porridge should be on low (it is a prerequisite!) Fire.

After cooking porridge can be rinsed with hot water.

for cooking millet porridge used neemalirovannaya utensils.

mixing ratio and recipe millet porridge.

Milk - 4 cups,

Millet grits - ¼ teaspoon,

sugar (or honey) - tablespoon,

salt - ¼ teaspoon,

butter - to taste.

Boil the milk over low heat.Pour into a saucepan with the milk and the washed millet, stirring constantly, cook the porridge over low heat for half an hour.At the end of cooking, add sugar (honey), a little later add the butter.

How to cook millet porridge: the nuances

can cook porridge with milk, using water only to wash the porridge, but we can act differently.Personally to me such a nice option.The washed Pshenko add water (two cups) and boil it to a state of semi, then rinse with running water.

In a separate pan boil the milk, add the pre-salt and sugar.Pour in the boiled milk and stir Pshenko.Cook until tender.When the porridge is ready, add the butter, cover the pan with a lid and remove from heat.Fifteen minutes later, the porridge can be served to the table.

fans gruel should be taken 4-5 glasses of water or milk in a glass of millet grains.

Well, of course, milk can not add, using only water.

So, armed with knowledge of how to properly cook millet porridge I cook a delicious (and healthy!) Dish that pleased both cheeks was eating my baby.