Structured Cabling System (SCS) - what is it?

Many modern Russian enterprises actively implementing structured cabling system as part of the modernization of the digital infrastructure.SCS considered members of the business as a tool to improve the efficiency of production processes and profitability.What are the specifics of such infrastructure solutions?


What is "structured cabling system" (SCS)?This term modern IT-specialists understand the format of the organization of the technological infrastructure of the corporation, which involves combining into a single system of information services provided in different parts of the production process in the company.

It can be the local computer networks, telephone lines, security system.Structured Cabling System (SCS) in the modern enterprise is often seen, as we noted above, as a major factor of production efficiency and competitiveness of business.


SCS SCS main feature - the hierarchical structure of its constituent subsystems.It may be present for various purposes

cables made of different materials - coaxial, copper, optical fiber, and so on. D. Also, in the structure of the SCS may be present various auxiliary components - jacks, sockets, connectors.Anyway, they are all included in a single system.

It may look a typical structured cabling system?Photos of one of the modules corresponding to a large-scale solutions is presented below.

We see that the SCS can be support for a variety of cable types.

Standards cabling

We learned about the specifics of the SCS, what it is.Let us now consider some aspects concerning the practical implementation of structured cabling systems in the technological infrastructure of the Russian companies.3 Who common basic standards in accordance with the principles which determine the association of digital resources in the SCS in enterprises:

- EIA / TIA (popular in the US);

- CENELEC EN 50173 (common in Europe);

- ISO / IEC IS 11801 (characterized by a demand for around the world).

Another criterion of standardization of structured cabling systems - characteristics of the transmission lines of digital communication.There are seven main categories of cables, each of which is designed to solve specific problems.For example, one category is used when building telephone lines.To exchange data with high speed are used cables 5, 6 and 7 categories.

Depending on a particular standard, which operates on the basis of structured cabling system, using the best for specific tasks technologies and devices.For example, with the spread of fiber optic data transmission standards in many enterprises has become necessary to modernize the corresponding network equipment.If it does not produce, the competitiveness of the business may be significantly reduced.

standardization - a key factor in the functionality of structured cabling systems.The alignment of the technological infrastructure of the company in accordance with approved at the level of a particular industry or international standards algorithms determines the opportunities for further modernization of the modular components of the SCS.


Another aspect, which is important for many businesses that put the task on building structured cabling system - certification.In principle, it can be considered in the overall context of standardization.She complements her part of the formal consolidation of the company's digital infrastructure eligibility criteria in some standards.

Structured cabling system that has the appropriate certification, as a rule, characterized by high reliability, as well as great opportunities for upgrading of individual infrastructure components.It may be noted that many brands of network equipment manufacturers provide a guarantee only if the SCS certified in the prescribed manner.

criteria structuring

Based on what criteria can be attributed a particular cable system to the ACS?What kind of specific features which may characterize the digital infrastructure of the enterprise as a structured?In the practice of building the appropriate type of cable networks in Russia has developed the following set of criteria.

First, structured cabling system (SCS) - is the infrastructure, which, according to the Russian IT-specialists, adapted to the ergonomic features of production facilities.In particular, in this aspect, as the location of the connectors.

Conventional cable systems not characterized as structured, suggests a simple layout of the appropriate type of network elements, in which the main criterion - it is the location of the jobs of employees.In structured networks usually density connectors are several times higher than conventional.It determines in most cases, a significant increase in the efficiency of the digital infrastructure.

following criteria according to which this or that network is defined as a structured cabling system - the universal elements.For example, jobs (in the event that the company has implemented SCS) can be equipped with not only the type of connectors (eg, twisted pair), but also additional slots, such as fiber.

Another aspect of universality - the uniformity of cable types used in the installation of various sections of the SCS.This facilitates the replacement of the respective components, optimizing costs, which may be accompanied by the installation of such a complex infrastructure, such as structured cabling system (SCS).Accounting in many enterprises shows that building SCS is associated with significant costs, and therefore the design of appropriate networks to be effective, with an emphasis on a speedy return on investment.

Another important criterion for classification of cable networks to structured - the separation of the individual areas on the subsystem.Thus, the practice is common in the Russian division scheme subsystems into 3 types: those that are mounted on the floor, on the line of the building, as well as those that cover the elements of the complex, consisting of several buildings.This classification determines the high efficiency of management of SCS.

Why venture SCS?

What is the economic feasibility of such an infrastructure component, as the structured cabling system?Cost estimates, as we noted above, may involve investing significant financial resources in building a SCS.The benefits of these investments can be traced in the following main aspects:

  • Firstly, the main advantage of SCS - is, as a rule, the higher the speed of communication between computers employees.It is achieved through the optimal use of cables of the classes, as well as through effective schemes of their placement on the site-specific buildings.
  • Secondly, structured cabling systems in most cases, determine a more secure exchange of data in the enterprise.As a rule, the SCS include various integrated mechanisms to protect against external intrusions into the corporate network, access controls - both hardware and software.
  • Thirdly, the use of structured cabling systems can improve mobility of jobs in the company.Versatility as one of the criteria for classifying a particular digital infrastructure to the SCS assumes that employees, regardless of the specific positions have the same access to corporate network resources.It does not matter in any particular room working people - at any moment be able to connect to the corporate network.

Structured cabling system of buildings in most cases easier to repair than the traditional schemes of the network infrastructure.Thus, replacement of a cable is not necessary to carry out the disassembly of large areas, which are laid on the link.The components of the SCS single infrastructure components are usually not too big, also designed to meet a possible replacement in advance.

SCS is much easier to scale than the traditional network.Modularity schemes involved in the design of structured cabling systems, suggests that at any time to the corresponding infrastructure can be connected to additional computers.

Taken together, SCS marked advantages allow us to speak about improving the efficiency of the company's expenses in building digital networks.This can be seen both in terms of purchase of the necessary materials, and in the aspect of remuneration experts engaged in control over the structured cabling systems.

can be concluded about the feasibility of building the SCS, it is - a tool to increase profitability.Of course, it will work in practice in an appropriate installation of cable systems and in the condition that it will work with highly qualified specialists.


Will there be sufficient demand on the Russian market of SCS?What is it - a temporary trend or a promising standard IT-industry, compliance with which will be an important factor in the competitiveness of businesses?According to the modern IT-experts Russian companies are showing expressed interest in equipping the relevant sections of high-performance industrial components digital infrastructure.Structured cabling system is fully able to meet the data needs of the business, because their implementation is characterized by growing dynamics in many sectors of the Russian economy.

Experts note that the interest of enterprises in building the SCS as a key element of the company's digital infrastructure can be traced not only in the largest Russian cities but also in remote regions.This may indicate that the company, despite the high cost of solving problems on building installer, see these systems effective tool for improving business performance.It may be noted quite a high degree of awareness about the benefits of enterprise management SCS.Managers of large businesses are usually familiar with the essence of such a powerful solution as structured cabling system, what it is - they are quite present.

Fiber optic technology as a factor in the demand for SCS

significant growth driver SCS market experts call the dynamic pace of the spread of fiber-optic technologies.This communication standard has the potential to become a factor in a significant increase in the efficiency of enterprises.This will be facilitated, above all, very high data rate, which provides fiber (several times higher than with previous generations of channels).

If some time ago, many doubted whether or not to implement a fiber optic line (after all, the cost of building the appropriate infrastructure is much higher than with traditional channels laying), now the new high-tech passion becomes a standard communications among enterprises of the Russian Federation a sustained trend.The corresponding speaker is supported by the development of technology of installation of fiber-optic networks (in favor of the reduction in price of the relevant decisions), as well as the improvement and reduction in the price of equipment required for building communication channels.

nuances of accounting

Some discussion in the business environment (in particular, in the communities of accountants) may cause criteria of the SCS to the different types of fixed assets: this is important in terms of correct bookkeeping.The fact that such an element as structured cabling system, OKOF (National Classification of fixed assets) is not included.This is not a problem if the related type of infrastructure, for example, to conventional LANs.But, as we have determined above, between them and the SCS can be traced significant difference.It is believed by some experts, there is no legal error SCS classified as ordinary LAN in the implementation of accounting procedures.In addition, there are several possible approaches to accounting for structured cabling systems - both individual objects and how the structural elements of the building.Both options are legally correct.

SCS and "smart buildingĀ»

concept of "intelligent buildings" - another possible incentive to the further spread of solutions such as structured cabling system.What it is?"Smart building" - a collective name technologies that involve the introduction of elements of corporate premises, and in some cases, houses, various digital components to significantly improve the comfort of finding in them.In the case of corporations - to increase the efficiency of consumption of some resources, such as electricity.

components of "smart buildings" may be, for example, running automated software algorithms conditioners, cameras, access control systems, at various stages of production.The effectiveness of the conception is directly dependent on whether there is at the disposal of the company quality digital infrastructure.In the case of using the SCS relevant criteria will be respected in full, and all the achievements of IT-specialists in the direction of the concept of "intelligent buildings" will be implemented in a cost enterprise.