What are the best lithium grease?

modern market lubricants - a wide range of different means, but most motorists are most commonly used is lithium grease.This is due to the fact that these compounds are universal and can be applied in various fields.

What are the characteristics?

lithium complex greases attract the attention of water resistance, mechanical stability.Thanks to the water resistance of the lubricant is not washed off with water and mechanical stability affects the ability of the composition for a long time retain its structure under the influence of mechanical forces.From the amount allocated depends on the preservation of lubricant oil consistency during storage.Lithium grease secrete enough oil in the contact details, but also for storage of oil is sufficient.

feature of this species in the fact, similar tools have higher dropping point, that is, they can be operated even at high temperatures.This figure is provided by complexing, which is part of the thickening agent.

Popular types "Lithol-24»

Grease "Litol" - the most popular among home.It is a soft cream cherry color, which is widely used in a variety of friction cars.Because of its quality, it can replace all kinds of grease and many other lubricants.

use of this composition makes it possible to reduce friction and thus wear and tear, as well as increase the lubrication change intervals.The special features of this grease are:

  1. excellent conservation properties.
  2. resistance to moisture.
  3. possibility of operating in a wide temperature range.

Grease "Litol" can be used in sealed and unsealed components such as hinges steering, suspension, universal joints, front hub and so on.

main advantages of funds "Lithol-24»

Multipurpose grease is a petroleum oil which has a viscosity of 60-75 mm 2 / s.As used lithium soap thickener and antioxidant and viscosity index.On grease "Litol" price is one of the most affordable: a small tube will cost 70 rubles Russian banking 0.8 kg - 143 Russian rubles, and the bank 33 kg - 2750 Russian rubles.

The advantages of this brand of lubricant include:

  1. delivers high lubricity and flexibility when working at any temperature.
  2. excellent protection of all parts that are subjected to lubrication, even if they constantly rub.
  3. strength retention on all lubricated surfaces.
  4. Prevention of worn parts.

is important that "Litol" an affordable price, while the quality of the lubricant is not inferior to foreign analogues.So, if you are low on money, but buy only high-quality lubricants, products' Litol "fit for you perfectly.It is applied as automotive grease for vehicles of any type, including a special technique.

worth noting that often operate as surface friction bearings subjected to pitting.In the presence of lead antipittingovyh properties just grease "Litol."

"Fiol-1" and "2-Fiol"

This lithium grease has received the widest application.By its composition, it is a mixture of mineral oils, which are thickened with special components.It can be used in the processing of the friction units, which are lubricated by grease gun or centralized lubrication.Also used "Fiol" in the processing of flexible shafts and control cables in enclosures, gearboxes and low-power small-sized roller bearings.

variation of lubrication of the brand is "Fiol-2", which has a lower viscosity.A "Fiol-3" is as close in quality to the "litho-24."As part of the species' Fiol-2U "contains about 5% molybdenum disulfide, with lithium grease, this application has also found extensive: first of all, it is used to improve the durability of needle roller bearings in the propeller shaft of the vehicle.

"Solidol F"

This lubricant is designed for use in normal temperature conditions.It is widely used for the treatment of rough units of friction in different machines and mechanisms for vehicles, as well as tools, screw and chain drives, low-speed gear reducers.By its performance characteristics "Solidol F" recalls synthetic grease, thus it has better viscosity-temperature properties, lower seal during storage and resistance to damage.

Lithium grease "Solidol" can be operated in a temperature range from -30 to + 65 degrees.At the same time they are used in high-power mechanisms that account for a large load: bearings, joints, blocks."Solidol F" is different:

  • colloidal stability;
  • water resistance;
  • good protective properties;
  • excellent lubricating properties.

This grease is lithium-based approaches to reduce friction in the joints and mechanisms, reducing wear and prevent scoring, welding and galling.In applying the "grease" should be considered, first, its ability to decompose at high temperatures (above 80 degrees), so you need to use a lubricant without melting.In addition, it contributes to the preservation of spare parts and surfaces mechanisms, storage and transportation of which is performed in the open air.

Mix "Solidol" with other lubricants is not recommended because it will thicken and to delete nodes need to disassemble.Most often used in the processing of the composition of gross unprotected friction units at low temperature ranges.


greases of this brand are popular among low-temperature formulations.It is used in any kinds of friction, which operate under the influence of a small load as well as at the sites which possess insignificant shift, for example, a flexible shaft of a speedometer.The distinctive features of lubricant are:

  1. plasticity.
  2. Morozoystoykost.
  3. possibility of operating at temperatures from -50 degrees to +120 degrees.
  4. low mechanical stability.
  5. Slight tensile strength.
  6. Full compliance with state standards.

This water-resistant grease suitable for high-quality processing of rubbing pieces of equipment to protect them from corrosion.Timely treatment will prevent or parts from wear, and their life will be significantly more.

Mobil Unirex EP2

The basis of this is a high-quality lubricant base mineral oil, because that provides excellent performance and length of service nodes.The composition is widely used in the nodes, which account for a huge load, both in vehicles and industrial machinery.Lithium grease of different brands:

  • anotiokislitelnymi properties, which are responsible for the chemical stability of the composition;
  • excellent corrosion resistance;
  • long life;
  • wide operating temperature range;
  • good adhesion.

Benefits Mobil Unirex EP2

Firstly, lubrication is a reliable protection of assemblies and mechanisms to prevent their premature wear.Secondly, different pressure properties.Third, it can be used for sites that are operated at low temperatures.The composition is different to the demanding conditions of storage and transportation.According to studies, the lubricant is absolutely safe for humans, has high adhesion and is badly washed off with water.

Lubricants Spray

One of the most convenient forms, which produced lithium grease - Spray.Among the popular brands are the following:

  1. WD-40 SPECIALIST.Used for metal compounds to protect them from corrosion and long-term protection.It can be used for surfaces, which account for a large load.The results of use - reduced friction and improved smoothness of the movement mechanism.It features resistance to external environmental factors, it can be operated at temperatures from -18 to +145 degrees.
  2. white lithium grease RUNWAY - it is heat resistant structure, resistant to leaching.Excellent lubricating parts, making them water-repellent properties.Because of corrosion inhibitors in the composition means parts are protected against corrosion.It can be used as a protection of metal parts, door hinges, cables, bearings and other moving parts.

lubricants in aerosols show deep penetration effect, which ensures high quality and long-term lubrication and protection against corrosion.

Shell Gadus S2 V220AD 2

Greases this brand black colors are used for the treatment of bearings, which are operated under conditions of high complexity.As part of the lubrication - mineral oil with high viscosity index, which serves as a thickener mixed lithium-calcium soap.Due to various additives - antioxidant, anti-wear, extreme pressure, adhesion and corrosion protection - Provides high-quality and reliable protection of machined parts.The composition may be used at temperatures from -10 to +120 degrees.

This lithium grease for bearings is used for machining, used in difficult conditions, subjected to high shock loads and high humidity.Lubricant is perfect for handling off-road vehicles, as well as fifth wheel couplings tractors.

Graphite or lithium grease better?

Along with lithium used another kind of multi-purpose lubricants - graphite compounds.They meet all state standards and can operate in temperatures from -20 to +70 degrees.The basis of such a cylinder formulations are mineral oil and vegetable fats, condensed graphite and calcium soaps.Graphite grease attracts a number of positive properties:

  • reliable protection mechanisms from corrosion even under heavy loads;
  • possibility of using heavy-duty work;
  • reliable protection mechanism against water and dust;
  • low coefficient of friction, which is provided as part of the content of grease particles.

However, lithium greases have a higher drop point, so they can operate at high temperatures.For this capacity meets the second component complexing agent.That is why the lithium compounds are in great demand in comparison with the graphite grease.

Lubrication number 158

This grease has a blue color and is used in bearings and tractor electrical equipment cardan needle bearings.In these nodes grease is stable for a long time thanks to additives - antioxidant and anti-wear.Experts say that a substitute for the present composition is not, and the closest analogues - "Lithol-24" or "SHRUS-4" - not as durable in operation.


Lithium grease - one of the most popular, due to their improved properties.Water resistance, high temperature performance, excellent mechanical properties - all this attracts the attention of buyers to these compositions.They are more expensive in terms of the production process, but in comparison to other analogs have several advantages.In addition to the simple lithium grease can be purchased complex, which offers best mechanical stability and high resistance to water.The variety of applications is a guarantee that the components and mechanisms of different vehicles will be handled efficiently and in a timely manner.