Pushkin "Queen of Spades": a summary of the story

story "The Queen of Spades" by Pushkin was completed in autumn 1833.It is the most enigmatic works of the poet.The plot is linked to the mystique, the unpredictability of fate, with a choice of human values.The story was groundbreaking for its time and was a resounding success.At the reception when playing cards, put it on a mystical card of "The Queen of Spades."

Pushkin "Queen of Spades": a summary of the first chapter

for the evening, which gave the Horse Guards Narumov was told an amazing story.She told Count Tomsky.Once his grandmother was a beautiful, headstrong and popular women in their circles.

Then one day she lost a large sum of money in the card.My husband, who usually indulged her, refused to pay such a sum.Then the countess addressed to the Count Saint-Germain for help.He had at that time a lot of money.Only Count the money did not let her, and offered another way out - to win.He opened the Countess secret of the three cards.

That evening the countess put one card after another and

returned the entire debt.His secret she did not trust anyone.And once I helped Chaplitsky no one even, but with the proviso that the more he will not play.

This whole story listened to the young officer by the name of Herman.He was from a wealthy family, so afford to play but could not.But I always wanted to be present at the game.And the story he was struck to the heart.

«The Queen of Spades": a summary of the second chapter

old countess was still in the grip of his time.She carefully followed the etiquette of his youth, in its decoration took several hours.

With her lived a poor pupil Lizanka.That she had to endure the absurd nature of the Countess of Tomsk.Lizanka dreamed that appears deliverer who once take her from this life.But all the young people were prudent, and did not pay it much attention.

But soon some events happened.They forced Lisa to perk up and believe in the world.Before it became a window constantly appear one unknown young man.This young man was German.That is, using the Lisa, he decided to get to the old countess.

«The Queen of Spades": a summary of the third chapter

German every day Lisa sends a lovely little notes of love.It is very tormented, but always rejected them.But soon, Lisa and shall appoint him a meeting until the house is not the countess.

Herman sneaks into the house, and at that moment the Countess returned.He hides in her office and waiting maids all disperse.Coming out of the shelter, Herman tries to explain Tomsk, for which he needs this mystery.But the Countess it seemed not to hear.Herman gets mad, she begins to threaten, only the countess dies unexpectedly.

«The Queen of Spades": a summary of the fourth chapter

young man leaves the old woman dead and ascends to Lizanka.There, he confessed everything to her.The girl is very upset, she realized that it was wrong.Only Herman her tears do not touch.He regretted only the lost secret.

«The Queen of Spades": a summary of the fifth chapter

Funeral Countess.Herman also came to say goodbye to her.He was not tormented by remorse, but the voice of conscience still kept saying to him that he is a murderer.

night Countess was Germany.It was in the same form as when they meet.The old woman opened it secret.She named three cards: three, seven, ace.But these and condition: he must marry Lisa.

«Queen of Spades»: in the reduction of the sixth chapter

learning the secret, Herman decides to test his fate.He sits down at the card table in the society, "the rich man."To bet everything he had.And two days in a row returns to his apartment with a huge win.Only on the third day instead of an ace comes the queen of spades.From the fact that all was lost, Herman goes crazy.