Summary of the "Little Prince", tales of Antoine de Saint-Exupery

very difficult to present a summary of the "Little Prince" - a favorite fairy tale of many people on our planet.From the date of publication, in 1943, it was translated into 180 languages.Since the product allegorical, it is important to every word.The author refers not so much to children as to the child in each reader.

fairy tale "The Little Prince" is dedicated to the boy, from which grew the best friend of the author Leon Werth.

Summary."The Little Prince", 1 to 9, the head of a six-year

hero fond of books about animals and was impressed by the figure boa constrictor swallowing a predator in its entirety.Inspired, he painted a picture at number one, who was taken for adult picture hat, although it was a boa constrictor swallowed whole elephant.I had specifically for slow-witted adults represent a boa with an elephant inside a cutaway.But adults still do not like it, they are advised to pay more attention to geography and other lessons.Hero stopped believing in myself and tired to explain to

adults.Instead, the artist, he became a pilot and geography in handy.

meeting, he thought, cunning adult, he tested them with the figure at number one, but they again took up his hat boa than finally disappointed hero.

6 years ago, he had to make an emergency landing in the Sahara Desert, where thousands of miles in circumference was not a soul.But in the morning he was awakened by a little man and asked him to draw a sheep.The figure at number one, he immediately recognized the boa, but rejected sheep, suddenly delighted box with holes in which supposedly is necessary him a lamb.

pilot discovers that the little prince came to Earth from his tiny asteroid B-612, which left three volcanoes, and his favorite flower, which quarreled the night before.

Summary."The Little Prince", from 10 to 17 head of

His journey began with the neighboring asteroids.At first he met with the king without subjects, the second with an ambitious without fans, the third with a man drinking from the shame caused by their own drinking.On the fourth planet business man senseless counted the stars.The fifth lived lamplighter, igniting and extinguishing his lantern every minute, because day and night on his planet became rapidly replace each other.It seemed the most logical little prince and not so selfish as opposed to the actions of others, he met an adult.Geographer, living on the sixth planet, waiting for travelers, who, he thought, bring him to the attention of the world.He did not even know about their own planet, but advised to visit in the world.So the boy was in the Sahara Desert.

Summary."The Little Prince", from 11 to 27 head of

first little wanderer met a snake, who promised to help him return to his planet, as soon as he wants it.Then he saw a garden full of roses are absolutely identical, although his favorite flower argued that the only one in the world.

met him on the path of Fox, who refused to play until the little prince did not do it manually.Fox explained that after the ritual of taming it will be special for each other, then the boy guessed that Rose seems to tame it.Fox confirmed that, once the prince is ready to give his heart and soul to her, and added that the heart can see what the eyes can not see.And now he is responsible for all of those who tamed.

But soon comes time for the prince to return home.Finally, bursting like a bell, he said he was now looking at the stars, the pilot will hear their laughter, because one of them lives and laughs The Little Prince.

At the feet of the boy flashed lightning little yellow snake.Slowly and quietly, he began to fall on the sand ...

next morning the pilot found the boy's body.He repaired the engine and returned.Six years have passed, but the hero could not be comforted.Of course, he believed that the baby came home, but looking at the sky, heard a ripple of laughter not only stars, but their cries, depending on whether he was worried for the little prince or happy.Léon Werth appealed to all who meet the boy, and to inform the comfort his grief.

Saint Exupery, "The Little Prince" is disassembled by readers around the world for quotes, invested in their creation of a deep sense does not fit into the framework of a brief detention.I want to believe that someone who ran his eyes want to read the whole story in its entirety.