William Shakespeare.

peak of Shakespeare, of course, is "Hamlet."Summary unlikely to be able to convey the drama and philosophical significance of the work, but some idea still will.

So Elsinore, the Danish kingdom.At night, the guards at the post, the castle appears the ghost of the late king, Hamlet's father.Faithful friend of the Prince, Horatio tells him about it and excited Hamlet immediately sent to the meeting.Forced to wander up to the redemption of their sins, says the son of the king of betrayal brother of the current King of Denmark Claudius, who killed him, seized the throne and married the widow Gertrude.Ghost King urges to take revenge for the murder and incest, and wants it to do Hamlet.Summary only partly allows us to describe the deep sorrow of the prince opened his secrets, he is immersed in meditation.In his impassioned monologue he is disappointed in life values, reveals the grief of losing his father, mother resents marriage, yet the demolition of shoes, which was the stepfather of the coffin and unle

ashes his anger at his uncle, who had raised his hand to his brother!

Putting on a mask of a madman, Hamlet contemplating revenge and dares to say what he thinks.Everyone is concerned about the behavior of the prince.Grandee Polonius, forbidding his daughter Ofellii reciprocate the feelings of the prince, said that this was the cause of Hamlet's madness.But convincing in all its madness, cruel Prince and Ophelia, offering her to go to the monastery.

¬ęTo be or not to be" given philosophical questions tormented prince.At this time the castle comes troupe of actors and it enjoys Hamlet.Summary played their pieces, according to the prince, it has been diluted the scene of his own composition, convicting the king in his crimes.To prove the words of the ghost, the king is furious and decides to leave the idea, by all means, get rid of the crazy nephew.Accelerates events death scheming Polonius.In a fit of rage during an argument with his mother, Hamlet stabs through hiding behind a carpet nobleman, secretly hoping that there Claudius.

King decides to immediately send the Prince to England, his death sentence handed accompanying friends.But the plot is disclosed, Hamlet is captured by pirates, and safely returned to Elsinore.Ophelia, mad with grief, drowned in the river.Returning Laertes, vowing to avenge the father and sister, declare that the culprit of all deaths - Hamlet.Summary does not allow the prince to convey the depth of reflection on the transience of earthly existence in the scene at the cemetery during the funeral of Ophelia.Holding a skull of Yorick's court jester, Hamlet talks about life after death and concludes that whoever you were in life, only to become the fate of each clay.

Unaware of conspiring with King Laertes, Hamlet agrees to fight.Armed with a poisoned rapier, Laertes kills and injures Hamlet, who has time to avenge the death of his father, King dug into his own cunning weapon.Queen Mother dies tasting wine with poison, such a fate in store for the sins of her Shakespeare.

Hamlet ... Summary of this tragedy is not enough to represent a complete picture of this deadly drama.Dying with other wants and Horace, but Hamlet begs him to live and bear witness to the accomplished revenge.Bury Hamlet with full honors as a warrior and a hero.

With Shakespeare cultured man should be acquainted more deeply, not just reading the summary."Hamlet" - the greatest work, which critics never cease to find new and new vital ideas.