Saratov hydropower plant on the Volga

Saratov HPP is among the ten largest non-nuclear power plants in Russia and Europe.It is an integral part of the Volga-Kama cascade of hydroelectric power stations.24 hydraulic unit installed in the station, allow to produce annually up to 6 billion kWh.The average annual rate over the past decade amounted to 5.4 billion kWh.

«green» energy

Hydroelectric Russia play an important role in the uninterrupted supply of electricity of domestic and foreign consumers.The vast territory of the country, through which flows the largest river in Europe and the world, is fraught with unlimited potential of "green" energy based on renewable sources - water, wind, solar, geothermal, wave and tidal power of the other.

in Russia there are 102 hydroelectric capacity of 100 MW.Saratov HPP (1378 MW) in the list of the giants takes 9th place with regard to finish building.At the beginning of 2015 the installed total electric capacity of the plant will be 47 MW 712.39 - and that more than 20% of all energy produced in Russia.

important that hydropower plants - the most mobile systems.This type of power allows you within minutes to increase or decrease the production of energy that is incredibly important to address the problem of peak loads in the global power.For comparison, in order to increase the impact of thermal power station, it takes several hours, and the figure for nuclear power plants and at all equal to several days.It is not surprising that the construction of hydroelectric power plants continues.

Description Saratov HPP

Hydropower is the seventh in the Volga-Kama cascade, and is located in the town of Balakovo, Saratov region in the north.24 hydroelectric power 1378 MW in 2014 allowed the country to 5504.6 kWh of electricity (useful output).Area of ​​the spillway - 1 280 000 square kilometers with an average annual consumption of water 7959 m³ / s.

object became an important transportation hub in the region - on its dam are roads and railways, linking both banks of the mighty Volga.There is also related functions include ensuring uninterrupted HPP large-scale navigation, irrigation, water supply.


local economic mainstay "Saratov HPP", a photo of which is impressive in size grandiose structures built beginning June 5, 1956 - This is the official start date of the All-Union Komsomol construction projects in the city of Balakovo.A few years later unimportant town was reborn, becoming a major promtsentr country.More than 20,000 people from all regions took part in the construction of a unique construction, many of the builders associated with Balakovo their fate.

Hydroelectric actually became a platform for experiments, the embodiment of the latest advancements and original ideas in the construction of large hydroelectric power station, that's why some features are unique buildings.December 27, 1967, the launch of the first two hydraulic units, and in January 1968, the Saratov HPP is connected to a common power grid of the country.At full capacity the station came out at the end of 1970, since then smoothly providing consumers clean energy.

Saratov is part of an interconnected Barrage European part of Russia.Other large hydroelectric power plant on the Volga and Kama: Rybinsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Cheboksary, Kama, Votkinsk, Nizhnekamsk, Zhigulevskaya Volzhskaya and others.

Interesting facts

  • Since the launch of the station generated over 250 billion kWh of electricity.
  • Saratov is one of the largest hydroelectric power station, a photo which you can see in the media, encyclopedias, scientific papers, internet resources.
  • construction of different non-standard layout - lack of catchment platinum.
  • machine room is the longest in Russia, at the same time equipped with a collapsible roof.
  • 24 hydroelectric have 3 different sizes - some of which are the largest in Russia.
  • hydropower facilities assigned to the 1st class of capital, they include: the dam embankment, earthen dam, the main body, bottom watersheds, navigation lock, rybopriemnik, distribution devices 35, 220 and 500 kV.
  • dam has a length of 1260 m, maximum height of 42 m, to the dam reclaimed 6.6 million cubic meters of soil.It consists of a base (a width of 360 m) and station sites.
  • The total length of this large hydroelectric dams Russia - more than 13 km.The height at the highest point - 23 m.
  • main body channel type - that is, takes on water pressure, located in the heart of the dam.
  • machine room HPP longest in Russia - 990 m. The diameter of the turbine wheel is also a record - 10,3 m.


Saratov hydropower plant in January 2008 joined the group of JSC "RusHydro" -in Russia's largest generating company and the second in the world in terms of installed capacity hydropower plants (over 25 GW).At this stage, "RusHydro" united 64 existing and 7 under construction CHP, 23 existing and 7 HPS, 3 Geothermal Power Plant, a tidal ES, research centers, sales companies and project organization.Among all this diversity of Saratov among the ten largest suppliers of electricity to all types of stations.Association is a leader in the "green" (renewable) energy.

large investment project

hydroelectric continues, however, and on the improvement of the old should not be forgotten, as evidenced by the tragic accident at the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP.Given the sad experience of the management company "RusHydro" conducts a phased upgrade worn-out equipment.

At the moment (and until 2030) Saratov HPP passes gradual modernization with the installation of the most advanced equipment.In particular, "RusHydro" reached an agreement with the Austrian company Voith Hydro to replace the 21 hydro turbines and hydroelectric №24 with the delivery of objects by the end of 2025 "turnkey".Current investment-project, whose cost will exceed 1 billion euros, was unprecedented for the Saratov hydroelectric power station and the largest of the area.It is planned that the turbine will produce Russian-Austrian joint venture.

Modernization of turbines

HPP reconstruction involves the installation of water turbines of the new generation.Pre-researched project involves a radical change of impeller designs, which will supply the blades S-Type and servomotor located below.This patented «Voith Hydro» system makes turbine "fish ladders» (Fish friendly).The design is intended to repeatedly reduce injury and mortality of fish passing through the turbine, which is a major problem in all the Volga-Kama cascade of hydroelectric stations.Also, improve environmental safety by eliminating contact of turbine oil into the water.


units at the Saratov hydroelectric power station to the end of 2013. Energy replaced all five units.Reconstructed and commissioning of the equipment is more modern, reliable, safe and economical power units could dispense with the overhaul of more than 30 years.

Together with upgraded power units were put into operation hydroelectric number 13 and number 14 - the last station of the vertical units, which is equipped with modern automatic control system (ACS).Thus, it completed the final stage of the five-year project to renovate all ACS vertical hydraulic units.

economy and efficiency

comprehensive modernization program involves the upgrade hydroelectric considering expediency, economic efficiency and the use of the latest technological developments.It is necessary to ensure minimal downtime and reduced hydropower generation, as soon as possible the implementation of reconstruction projects.

When implementing a comprehensive modernization program is planned a comprehensive approach involving the customer, representatives of research institutes and equipment manufacturers.For the first time before the implementation of the program is carried out pre-project survey of all technological complex hydropower plants with the subsequent development of its comprehensive modernization project, with the participation of the general designer of the Saratov hydroelectric power station.This provides "life" after-sales service units replaced by the manufacturer.


to finance charitable programs annually to millions of funds.In particular, it is the chief school DYUSTSH help "growth" in Balakovo, where children are engaged in scuba diving and orienteering, "Children's Hospital № 1" and other organizations.Within the framework of educational projects HPP has helped equip the laboratory "Balakovo Polytechnic."Traditionally is matpomosch veterans on the eve of the Victory Day.


Probably not larger projects than the HPP.Photos of the concrete giants amazing dimensions and used machines and technology reflect the latest industrial capacity and scientific thought.

Hydropower plays a leading role in the provision of electricity and industry.The experience gained on the construction and operation of hydroelectric power stations, the huge potential of Russian rivers, the environmentally safe and renewable energy sources allow to increase capacity by building new stations and the modernization of the exploited.Saratov HPP, working for decades without failure, a striking confirmation.