How to cook the meat in a frying pan

It would seem, from the variety of dishes that chefs offer us, nothing could be simpler than conventional frying vegetables or meat.How to cook the meat in a frying pan, knows any hostess.And indeed the pan will not fail, because modern industry can work wonders: have a nonstick pan coated, well washed, heat up quickly ... Pluses can enumerate a lot.

Nevertheless, if you think you know how to cook meat in a frying pan or, more precisely, how to cook it properly, do not rush to start the main action.There are little secrets of cooking, which in all its simplicity, will help to make the meat more delicious, juicy, appetizing.Want more about this?

So, when cooking the distance between the pieces should not be less than 5.5 mm.If the slices are in contact with each other, these places have a golden crust, alas, did not happen.Moreover, it will not be so crisp.

If you are not sure how to cook the meat in a pan in such a way as to exclude its rigidity - do not skimp on quality.Take only the best cutting, since, for example, meat with veins can "bring to mind" only experienced hand, so it's better to send for stuffing, but do not use for frying whole.

Before you start frying itself, it needs to be processed, ie pomarinovat.This item is optional, but highly desirable.Approximately 5-10 hours (as you can and for females) to lower the cooking meat piece in the marinade.This can be a pickle, specially prepared by you, consisting of ketchup or mayonnaise (you can all together), spices or admissible simply rub a piece of garlic and pour on top of oil, vegetable or olive.

Some come even easier - the meat is marinated in yogurt and mineral water.And yogurt, mineral water and soften it and make it particularly delicate, so be prepared for that, you try your dish close torment you with questions about how to cook the meat in a frying pan or how did you become such a great meat guru.Not all sites are writing about cooking as a marinade of yogurt and water, but it is what is called a "work."Try it, see for yourself.

And now go directly to the recipes.Recipes of meat in a frying pan or, more precisely, their abundance, can be misleading - so diverse variations that sometimes you wonder where to start and which option to choose?Eating meat with prunes, vegetables, even the sweetbreads with honey that is so popular in Asian cuisine and the United States.

you yourself can invent their own recipes, space for culinary imagination is truly enormous.

Some believe that "the meat does not tolerate women's hands", but this is just an excuse and women have something to surprise loved ones.
So, let us take half a kilogram of meat (anything but desirable part of the loin).In addition, we will need one cup of flour, oil - 2-3 tablespoons Solovykh, onion, half cup of sour cream and a tablespoon of meat sauce.

First you need to fry the meat until done, and now the most important thing - fried.Fry the onions until golden brown, then sprinkle it with flour and sour cream and fat and juice that was left from frying the meat.Pour sauce fried, stir and pour generous fillets.Above you can sprinkle spices to taste and chopped fresh herbs.

Other main dishes of meat in a frying pan - such as barbecue.Yes, not necessarily to do it on a skewer in the forest, you can get a frying pan in the kitchen.Meat, for example, pork, pickle, and on all sides to wallow in its starch.Then we fry in a pan and leave so more than a few minutes, about 5-10.Serve at the table with vegetables and salads.

Meat and vegetables always make a great couple, and helps the body absorb the latest meat.Bon Appetit!