Repair and modernization.

working with a personal computer or even a laptop, sooner or later there is a need to dismantle it.Why is this important?The fact that someone needs to upgrade the RAM, for example.Someone just to clean it from dust.In any case, before the owner gets the task of how to disassemble the laptop asus, without damaging its interior and exterior.It is this example, we will consider removing the laptop.

perpetrated by computer.Dismantling asus

detailing disassemble laptop Asus K50IJ.His description will apply this knowledge if you need an autopsy series of computers Asus K.

For this fit the following list of tools:

  • set of two screwdrivers: thin (like "star") and a straight screwdriver.

Nothing more is needed.Now you need to disconnect the device from all power supply components, including the battery.To remove it, turn the asus upside down and remove the retaining clip with a screwdriver.

Now you need to remove the bottom cover.Her hold 4 screw terminals, and must also consistently unscre

w.Then gently slide the cover on the opposite edge of the battery.The result - you will be able to contemplate the motherboard of your laptop with all its subcomponents.As you can see, it is not very difficult to disassemble asus laptop with his hands.

You will now be full access to these devices to the laptop as a hard disk drive, CD-ROM and RAM strips.You can also replace the internal battery of calendar, clock and memory settings constant CMOS.

continue disconnect components

So we learned how to disassemble the laptop asus.What next?It remains to determine the details of removing individual components:

  • to eject your CD-ROM drive, unscrew the screw that secures the unit, and slide the guide to the outer opening (push out).Do not forget to do things carefully;
  • to remove the bar RAM, press the thumbs of both hands plastic valves.This memory module will rise slightly upwards, and it can be easily be removed from the corresponding jack.Do not forget that the contact portion of the module can not touch hands;
  • to remove the main cooler, cooling the processor, remove the 3 clips on its edges, and carefully disconnect the pin posting;
  • knowledge on how to disassemble the laptop asus, allows you to remove the keyboard.To do this you need to turn the device.Look closely at the special valves near the monitor.Take a small sharp screwdriver and gently press them until keyboard rises.Now it can be placed on the arm.It remains only to pull trail between the motherboard and keyboard.To do this, gently slide the two locking latches on the board.In this condition, carefully disconnect the cable will not be difficult.

Remember also that the order of the assembly, as a rule, the reverse sequence of disassembly.Despite the fact that you have learned how to disassemble the laptop asus their hands, do not use these skills unless absolutely necessary.If you are not going to upgrade the laptop to clean the dust, or are unsure of their actions, it is better to leave things as they are and to see a specialist.If you are not just faced with similar tasks, and a screwdriver, as they say, does not fall from the trembling hands, you can safely proceed to disassembly.

purge fan

to purge the main or auxiliary fan from dust, you can use a hairdryer with a jet of cold air.Holding it at a small distance from the cooler, a direct air blowing dust.The same can be done with a keyboard, but first it is recommended to shake the dust and crumbs manually.

Dry cleaning laptop (without vacuum)

Gently wipe the dust accumulation on the body, and the individual parts of the laptop.It is best to use for this soft, dry lint-free cloth.