Why do boys and girls behave differently

you can do to put a little experiment to verify the nature of the actions laid down.

Give, for example, your child's hair.The girl will dry your hair: Me, my mom or the doll.A boy is likely to learn how to work with a hairdryer and ... "transform" it into the gun.

Boys and girls can play in the same toy, but they fantasize while variously inspired by various images based on various models.The same type of activity they do not feel the same way.

In fact, discussions, where it is taken, there is no end.Is it just because they have different bodies, little boys and girls are so different they behave?Or is determined more by family history, graft culture and education that we give to children?

Every parent, whether male or female, are very accurate behavioral models that are based on the past, education, personality development features - only to be called family norms and traditions.This is the first thing that a child absorbs.

But as soon as the child meets other people - goes to kindergarten and he has a nurse - and interfere with social attitudes.And then the children start anxiously fit into the proposed standards to deserve recognition and gratitude to avoid any disrespect or worse, rejection.

Since the child is aware of their gender, for him the world is divided into two categories: similar and dissimilar, people of the same sex - and the people of the opposite sex.

to build his own identity, he will need to choose a model.He will begin, of course, with mom or dad.But then his horizons expanded, stop and look at other role models: it can be a teacher and a music teacher, and fairytale princess, and ... Spider-Man, where the same without him!

models of behavior, the dominant society are also very important for the child.

stereotypes and attitudes too tenacious.Nevertheless, we can congratulate ourselves on the fact that they are still changing - slowly but surely.For example, several years ago a man at the stove - is unthinkable, the kitchen was a female prerogative.

Today, men are not ashamed to be interested and attracted to cooking, blog with recipes on the Internet, of which then "grow" these cookbooks.It is approved and even encouraged.Well, really, who does not want the wives to her husband, conjured by the stove and the whole family entertained Fine dining?

there is such situation that the battle of the sexes gradually appears neutral space, where both sexes are free to choose their own hobbies and activities that are not established once and for all from birth.

In fact, it turns out that the interests, aspirations are not separated by gender - differ only in the ways of their expression.

Never think of it, but the little minx, putting on high heels and lipstick coloring her mother's, the soul wants to be not just beautiful - no, she wants to conquer the world.And, no doubt, wish her the same strength as that of the boy-fighter: the young princess just uses another weapon to achieve their goal.

Fortunately, parents understand that, regardless of gender, all children - different.

There are girls - little robber with a fondness for fights and adventures, and there are impressionable boys are quiet with a gentle heart, hating football and noisy games.However, even dropping out of the stereotypes the children can feel fine as part of their sex.

Anyway, we must not seek to change the behavior of children that we do not like.

Our parental role - and to help encourage children to express their personality and temperament, without making hasty judgments and expressing condemnation.

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