How to cook the cream of broccoli soup, which is ideal for the diet.

Creamy soups and soups appeared in France, and has long been considered a dish nobles.Cooking cream - soup requires knowledge, experience and fine artistic taste.There are basic rules of cooking, following which, you can cook almost a masterpiece of culinary art.

Take for example the cream of broccoli soup.When cooking is important to remember that the classic French soup has a beautiful natural color of broccoli, which manages to save by proper cooking.Many recipes suggest start cooking cream of broccoli soup with broccoli and onions frying in butter.The fact is that after such treatment, the natural color and taste of broccoli is lost.The introduction of flour in the cream soup is quite possible, however, often is difficult to even distribution of it in the soup.In this case, the best option would be to abandon the use of the flour in the composition of cream soup.

use milk or cream is more appropriate for vegetables, blends perfectly with these products, for example, with potatoes.

quite undesirable to use broth for cooking cream soup for the same reason that the use of butter.

Cream of broccoli soup (recipe): Broccoli is taken from the calculation: 200-400gr.per serving, carrots -50gr., potatoes -50 g., onion or green young white onion - 50gr., stem celery - 20-30gr.

Salt and pepper - to taste.Basil leaves and parsley.

cut into small pieces vegetables are filled with water, which only slightly covered products.Water is better to use purified or natural mineral without gas.This is very important as a part of the water allows you to keep the natural taste of food.

vegetables cooked on a slow fire after boiling for 15 minutes until soft state.However, it is important to note that after cooking the vegetables retain their original color and hardness.

1 minute until ready to add salt (to taste).Visitors can add finely ground pepper.It is best to use white pepper, which is ground just before the introduction of the soup.Also, for a minute until cooked add 1-2 fresh basil leaf and \ or 2 leaf parsley.Basil would be more appropriate for the combination of broccoli, but it is appropriate to only use parsley or parsley along with the basil.

fans cream soup with a light scent of garlic can be added for 1-2 minutes polzubchika, grated on a fine grater.

desirable to leave after the end of cooking the vegetables for 10-15 minutes in the pan.Thereafter, the vegetables are separated from the broth and ground in a blender.Further vegetable puree is connected with a small amount of broth and uniformly stirred.Use the whole broth or only part of it depends on the preference of everyone.Typically used all the vegetable broth.Boil again vegetable soup with chopped vegetables should not be.

Served Cream of broccoli soup in deep bowls or soup plates normal portioned.Top soup poured a thin stream of olive oil that forms on the surface of the soup twisted spiral.Soup decorated with 2 leaves of basil or parsley, and often served with toast or crackers.

to cream of broccoli soup longer retains its natural flavor, bowls or soup plates is recommended before serving warm up in hot water.

Quite often instead of potato soup uses rice that is cooked separately and then carefully crushed readiness in a blender.Under this option you need one tablespoon of rice.

Both cream soup (with potatoes or rice) are vegetarian dishes, and can be recommended for the diet.

has a special taste of broccoli soup with cheese, which is also produced according to the above recipe.Cheese cream soup to make better use of natural cream with no additives or soft cheeses.Shredded cheese (50-100gr.) Is connected with a small amount of broth and brought blender until creamy.Then add the rest of the broth and shredded vegetables.

cooking cream soup - a fascinating process that will certainly please both adults and children!It served this dish, usually in the lunch hours, although many Liu byat amb Pamper yourself as sophistication for dinner during the evening meal was carrying cessful.