How to disassemble laptop Acer?

Before you disassemble the laptop Acer, it is important to remember that all units of the manufacturer for some time there is a guarantee.If the notebook will be analyzed to warranty repair, the entire responsibility for such actions will be assigned to someone who understand.In order to disassemble the laptop Acer, we must prepare the following tools:

  • screwdrivers (flat, Phillips and flat plastic);
  • plastic tweezers;
  • grounding strap.

Before you disassemble the laptop Acer Aspire, we must realize that in the construction of many different-sized screws.Master dismantling such units are guided by the same rule: each bolt put right next to the unit for which it is intended.Getting Started, you must turn off the laptop from the network.It is also necessary to separate the cables and remove the battery.

Dismantling is only relative to the bottom of the unit.Monitor in any case can not be disassembled because such work can only be done at the factory.If the monitor is faulty, replace it entirely.This module replacement, construction is unlikely to be repaired.Wondering how to disassemble the laptop Acer, many users believe that the computer system in something like televizionnym.Odnako laptops - a thin device.First of all, remove the battery from the laptop.Behind him - plug memory cards.Then it is necessary to unscrew the bolt and remove the optical drive module.

module is necessary to disassemble the drive.To do this, remove the holder and pad.This will remain the two bolts that need to be put next to the module so as not to lose.Those who do not know how to disassemble the laptop Acer, it is necessary to remember this sequence of actions.Once the optical drive is removed, you can proceed to further dismantling.

cover of the system unit in a laptop secured with two screws.It is time to remove it, using a screwdriver.Under the hood, find the hard drive, wireless card and memory card.The next step - removal module 3G.Remove the screw from the cover, lift it and remove the module.Next you need to remove the memory module.If two modules, it is necessary to remove both.

If the analysis is the first time it is better to record the process or remember.Remember, how to disassemble the laptop Acer, then you can easily assemble it in reverse order.Now it is necessary to disassemble the WLAN card by removing the antenna cable.The board is fastened with two screws that must be removed.It remains only to disconnect the board itself, and you can begin the hard drive.The module detaches easily enough.For its removal there is a special label that is pulling, you can easily pull it out, the separated from the motherboard.The disc is removed together with the holder, to which it is screwed by four screws.

Knowing how to disassemble the laptop Acer, it is necessary to observe a number of rules, especially when it comes to the motherboard and the disk.Do not make a big force to these modules, otherwise you can easily damage your system.It is time to remove the keyboard.It is fixed on top of the latch.Undock them, it is necessary to bend the keyboard and remove it.It will become visible plume of devices that must be removed.To do this, disconnect it from the motherboard.

After that it is necessary to proceed to the top panel.It is attached to the screw 4 in the region of the storage recess 11 and the bottom.Loosen each, it is necessary to carefully remove the panel.For this will have to carefully disconnect the cables of the motherboard by lifting clamps.At this stage it can be removed from the top of the housing bottom.Now it remains only to remove one after the other components, the hardest work is behind us.Before you disassemble the Acer laptop into two parts, it is necessary to determine whether there is a place to put all the components.Otherwise, they can be lost.On top of the shot: speakers, power supply, touchpad, card reader for memory cards, USB - board, module Bluetooth.Not remove the motherboard.It is important to remember that you can not remove it completely.