How to cook beetroot - current year theme

beetroot soup - homemade cold summer soup on the basis of beet with vegetables - a perfect dish for the body in the summer heat.It refreshes and nourishes without burdening weight.How to cook beetroot soup, so he brought a very good and was delicious?Many people in order to save time and effort trying to cook beetroot just a few days to not have to stand for long periods at the stove, waiting until cooked beets.We only add fresh vegetables and herbs ready to beet broth.Let's try to figure out how to cook beetroot, and to save time and get the maximum benefit.

First of all - a few secrets.The beetroot is necessary to add the lemon juice only natural - it is easy, even without a juicer to extract from the lemon.Simply cut a lemon in half, and push, and the lower section down and hold it with your fingers (to the cup with juice not hit bone).Avoid adding cold soup or citric acid, the more vinegar.Beet tops - a good component for borscht, beetroot but it is not worth putting.Did the same with the potatoes.It would be better if it separately boil or bake, and serve with beetroot.

Let's move on to the first and main stage of cooking.You will need a young beets - one kilogram, half a cup of washed prunes, lemon, 5 liters of hot boiled water.The taste you need to add salt and sugar.Experienced hostess believe that these components can take a little more to give the rich taste of the future of beetroot.Due to the presence of all these components, take a small saucepan and boil the beets until soft.If young beets and fruits medium-sized, this process will take no more than 20 minutes.Please note that fetuses beet tails break off or cut is not necessary, or when cooking has lost a lot of juice.The hot, place the beets in cold, even icy water.Because of this you will be easy to clean vegetables.Cut the beets into thin strips, put in a large five-liter pot and pour the prepared hot water, better - boiling water.

Put the pan over high heat and add lemon juice.Because of this, the brightness of the broth remain.Add the prunes, to make cold soup original flavor note.The pot must not boil two minutes.Then cover the pan with a lid and store in a cool place, where the basis for the beetroot to cool faster.The cooled broth it is necessary to store in the refrigerator.Before the use of beetroot seasoned chopped fresh vegetables and herbs - cucumbers, radishes, onions, dill.The beetroot is traditionally put hard-boiled eggs and finely chopped.All this is put in a bowl, and then pour beet broth with beetroot.Add sour cream to taste, and you can put one or two ice cubes.By beetroot served boiled or baked potatoes.

And here is the answer to the pressing problems - beet broth really can be stored in the refrigerator for a week.Thus, the soup is very beneficial in terms of saving time, since cut greens, vegetables and eggs can be very fast - and cool refreshing soup is ready!

beetroot soup - a classic example of Russian cuisine, I love him, and adults and children.Let's talk about how to boil beetroot for kids.

First Wash under running water, potatoes and beets.They should be boiled without peeling, to save a maximum of nutrients.If you want to feed this baby soup for lunch, it is better to boil the vegetables in advance - in the morning.Boiled potatoes clean and cut into cubes.Boil and peel eggs.If the child is less than one and a half years, the protein it is better not to give.Older children can eat and the yolk and the white.The egg may be ground plug.Just put it on the bottom and mash, pressing teeth on the egg.Wash the fennel and clove of garlic, all chopped it too.In a saucepan pour half a liter of water.Boil, salt.Add the potatoes, you can - a little bit of bay leaf.The fire did not take away, and when the water boils again, add the herbs, eggs and garlic.Again bring to a boil and turn off the heat.If the baby does not differ a good appetite, it is possible to draw his attention to the soup and garnish with him.Pre-boil separately carrots and beets, beets cut into slices, and one (the best - using cookie cutters) cut, for example, flowers or hearts.The same can be done from the carrots.If you cut the flowers from beets, then carrots can be cut out small circles and make for the middle of a flower.Jewellery neatly on the edge of the dish, and pour it into the soup.It is possible to add a teaspoon of olive or sunflower oil unrefined.After a year and a half can be put in the soup cream.If you want to give your child a hot beetroot, it is possible to separately boil the meat, cut it and put in a bowl.

So we figured out how to boil beetroot for adults and children.Bon Appetit!