How to cook pork multivarka, microwave and oven?

Pork dishes are distinguished by their variety.This type of meat can be prepared in various ways.It is boiled and consumed with various sauces, fried with onions and vegetables, grilled, salted and smoked.By adding different ingredients to the meat, you can achieve the most incredible taste sensation.But the taste of food depends not only on the products used.What is important and the process of cooking.Pork in the oven or multivarka different in their taste.

has recently become very popular to use multivarku.It allows you steamed, stew and bake.Pork multivarka cooked very simply.Cut the pork into small pieces and add to it salt and any spices.Next you need to clean the onion, bell pepper and carrots.Cut them arbitrary slices.Vegetables and sprinkle with salt and pepper.Next, pour in a little multivarku any oil.We spread it prepared ingredients.You can lay out the layers, alternating vegetables and meat, but you can mix and send multivarku.

further comprises baking mode for 20 minutes.Then add more

salt if necessary, and include in the same mode for another 20 minutes.When you hear the signal of readiness, pork multivarka ready.

Cook multivarka quickly and easily.Here's another recipe.Take the pork and cut its medium-sized cubes.Clean and cut the onion and mix it with the meat.We submit them to prepare in multivarku, putting extinguishing mode for two hours.At this time you need to wash and chop the mushrooms.If they are not large, you can cook them whole.Twenty minutes from the start of cooking add to the multivarku mushrooms and spices to taste, and an hour from the start of adding the sauce.It is done as follows.Mix sour cream, tomato paste and flour.Pour the sauce into multivarku, and look forward to when the dish is ready.All quickly and easily.Pork multivarka turns out tender and juicy.

As in multivarka, pork in the microwave cooked very quickly.This cooking method is suitable when there is no time to create culinary masterpieces, and I want to build something delicious.To prepare this dish, we need about a kilo of pork ribs.We prepare them, wash and cut into desired pieces.Next, you need to prepare a basic sauce.Take soy sauce (100 mL), about two tablespoons of sugar, cloves and cinnamon.All mix and put in the microwave included at full capacity, to warm up for a minute.Then spread this sauce ribs and send back into the oven, exposed to full capacity.After five minutes we reduce the power to a moderate level and prepare reserve for another 30 minutes.Then turn over and cook ribs 12 minutes.The liquid formed in the cooking process, merge and add to it two tablespoons of flour corn.Gray, the mixture in the microwave for two minutes at maximum power.Then pour it pork ribs and serve.

course, cooking meat old familiar way in the oven takes a little longer.But, nevertheless, this dish to be not less tasty.Here's how to prepare pork in the sleeve.The recipe is very simple and delicious.Take a piece of pork, wash under running water and dried with a paper towel.Then you need to lard with garlic and allspice.To do this, we make a few punctures in the meat and lay back pieces of garlic and peppercorns.Separately, make the sauce.Mix 50 ml of soy sauce, a tablespoon of dry mustard, a teaspoon of sugar, salt and pepper each.Take the sleeve for baking in the oven and spread to pork lard.To tie it with one hand and pour the cooked meat sauce.Knotted sleeve and send pork prepared in a brass chamber.Cooking time is about one hour.During this time, periodically turn the sleeve to the sauce uniformly impregnated piece.Pulling out of the oven, cut into pieces a la carte meat and pour the remaining juice.Serve with vegetables and a side dish.

Pork multivarka, microwave or oven turns out tender and tasty.