Camye ridiculous dismissal

may have fired only because of the crisis, laziness or drunkenness?You are mistaken.The reasons authorities can come up with a million and a subordinate smartly manages to give them new reasons.

wrong door

manager of one of Moscow construction companies Vladimir M. found himself unemployed after a rough mark the 10th anniversary of the company.Celebration took place in a rest home near Moscow, immediately upon his arrival all the staff were given the keys to the individual rooms, the staff and then went to drink, eat and dance.Keys threw everything on the tables, the serial number of the room remember not all.
According to Vladimir, in the first hour of the night, he was tired, took her key from the table and left the room.I burst into the room without turning on the light, collapsed on the sofa.Wake him up two people: a man and a woman.They were placed on stands next to the bed.Vladimir heard the voice of his boss, but, as they say, out of politeness decided to just lie down quietly and not to distract the couple.But at some point I broke down and began to laugh wildly.

It turned out that the unfortunate manager said in number to the chief, and the chief, did not find the key and, unlike his subordinates, remembering the room number, just decided that it is not locked.The next day, Vladimir asked to write a statement on their own.The manager agreed, apologized and resigned.

encroached on the cutlet

After a hard day Lieutenant patrol Lipetsk Alex Ivannikov went to the diner.In his pocket rang little thing in your purse it was not much money to pay.Alas, tired servants of the law was only enough for a hundred grams of vodka.
course, the policeman would be enough and that, but suddenly his eyes fell on the hamburger, which was lying on a plate lonely neighbor.No one knows what thoughts were at that moment in my head Ivannikova.Perhaps all of life flew in front of him, and he remembered what his chops as a child my grandmother cooked.
Anyway, the policeman grabbed the cutlet with the neighbor's plate and, ashamed of their own actions or wanting to eat a treat without witnesses, disappeared in the darkness.
The next day, Alexey fired.Head meatballs lover said that this is not a place in the organs.

career broke the language

Four employees of the municipal administration of the American city Hukset were fired for being gossiped about their boss.Girlfriends enthusiastically discussed the news that their chief David Dzhoydona affair with a brand new young employee.

David did not want to spread rumors about him, because he was already married, so he hired a lawyer and asked him to find a distributor of gossip.After talking with employees Administration investigator concluded that it was Joanna, Sandra, Michelle and Jessica were the main gossip.

Women fired, but since Hukset - this is a small town where he lives about 13 thousand people, the scandalous dismissal became known very quickly.Women rushed to collect signatures in his defense, but the administration absolutely do not want to take back gossips.

Focus failed

high school teacher in Boston, Peter Konuort decided to show his pupils during a lesson a few simple tricks.To begin with the teacher showed how deftly knows how to make an ordinary invisible scarf.Then he got carried away and showed that you can stick a pencil in one ear and out the other to pull out.
lesson was great, but the problem Peter began the evening when he urgently summoned from home to school.It turned out that the students so impressed by the feats of the teacher, that they decided to repeat them.As a result, three students were in the hospital with various injuries ears.
Gore-magician expelled from school, and even threatened to ban all work in the field of education.

too much forgave

chief of traffic police in the district of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Sukhobuzimsky lost his job because of his own goodness.The policeman did not write out fines violators and even took bribes.He simply believed that a kind word and a human sympathy can wean people to break the rules of the road.Moreover, the officer promoted their ideas to the masses, explained to staff that you just have to admonish the reckless, but in any case not to penalize or take with them bribes.
For example, he said that for crossing double solid driver can be forgiven.Meanwhile, less than a good law states that in this case the driver should be deprived of rights for a year.After a few good deeds police officer was dismissed.And what's more - he had to explain his behavior in court.
That he was not so merciful, and the employee has received a half years of imprisonment for gross violation of labor discipline and failure to fulfill their duties, which could lead to loss of life.


Employees of Department of Internal Affairs of Nizhny Tagil decided to please their female colleagues on 8 March.
The police have not invented anything better than to invite the main Women's Day stripper directly into the office.Macho, first made a torchlight show, and then began furiously wriggled between narrow desks.
Nizhnetagilskij dancer so beautiful ladies filed in the form that they suddenly began to dance with him.And everything would be fine, but drinking bout of drunken servants of the law among personnel files and service weapon was filmed on a mobile phone.And the next day already appeared on the Internet.
three most active participants of striptease at the workplace have been removed from office.The battalion commander and the chief of the city department of the traffic police had gone to the hospital.However, then also have been dismissed.


In Vancouver, the Canadian insurance company employee Melinda Sauters enough that drove so still almost beat.Melinda loved to enjoy the sweet smell of perfume from several times a day.
According to the woman, it helped her to focus and gave forces.Colleagues Sauters sweet scent strength is not added, but the added headache.Colleagues asked several times to stop the throttled the woman in the office.Things came to a scandal when one of the staff just told Melinda that her spirits are so disgusting that it is better to throw it away.
woman went to seek justice from the leadership, but the boss was a whole deputation of other employees who categorically demanded to dismiss Sauters.The chief agreed with them and parted with fragrant subordinate.

Lesbians no place

forty years Said Abaneevu Tomsk employer fired for sexual orientation.The woman is not resigned to his fate: she sued the company, alleging discrimination and oppression of sexual minorities.The trial went on for six months.And the court did agree with the claims of women and decided to pay her 31 thousand rubles.
The story is not over.Frustrated authorities decided to take revenge on the former slave uniquely.31 thousand rubles, the woman paid nickels.Said brought two large bags with coppers - porters barely dragged them into the apartment.But she refused to accept the money.Director of the company had to transfer funds by wire transfer.

Not reading

City Manager (the head of the city administration) town Chula Vista, California, David Garcia was dismissed for his passion for Pamela Anderson and other busty stars.The officer spent about half of the working time on a careful study of the busts of their idols in various magazines.
Mayor of this was reported to the assistant Garcia.City manager called on the carpet.There he tried to explain that the female breast helps him focus on urban problems.The mayor felt that 250 thousand dollars a year - the salary of David - and so a good enough incentive.

saved only smokers

Just seven employees of the Swedish engineering office in Malmo fired because they did not smoke.The company's owner, Jon Alexandersson - a heavy smoker, so that part of the slave demanded to ban smoking in the office, he decided not to part with a cigarette, and with its opponents.
Resolute Swede said he was tired of people who are guided only by the fashion for a healthy lifestyle, make decent people to break their habits.According to Jon, non-smoking employees worked worse than smoking, in addition, their work caused the most complaints from customers.
dismissed tried to appeal his expulsion in court.The trial has been going on for five months.Smokers Swedes are actively supporting Jon, write a letter to his e-mail and collect signatures in his support.


technician at the Berlin utility companies lost his job because of his voice.He had a peculiar habit - every morning at the start from the loud singing and also high-profile stories about yourself, your favorite.
shrill and very high voice locksmith echoed around the office and frightened customers.He made several comments by colleagues and boss, but the son of the Rhine continued singing voice every morning exercise.
Then he was accused that he causes damage to the company, and offered to leave.The singer tried to find support for his colleagues, but when they turned away from him, resigned.

Pogorelov on beer

police chief of a small town in Kansas Wilson Hill was ignominiously expelled from the police for stealing beer from firefighters.
Police station and fire station are located in the same building.They are separated only by a door that is never locked.During a duty Hill decided to look to the neighbors.The fire station was no one: everyone left the call.
police chief decided to see what is stored in the refrigerator at fighters with fire.It turned out to be almost an industrial supply of beer - a few hundred bottles.Police alone peretaskat contents of the refrigerator into his car and fled with the booty would be, but at this moment returned home beer stocks.
Firefighters arrested Hill and then passed by his subordinates.Damage from theft nedosovershennoy Court assessed in 1237 dollars.Hill was fired from the police, deprived of pensions and gave him six months of corrective labor.

discredit the company

Husband and wife working in the law firm in Bologna (Italy), were dismissed for being placed on the site for swingers information about yourself.
This became known owner of the company, who accused them of violating the moral and ethical standards and demanded to leave his company.
Spouses are going to sue and talk about double standards.They do not understand how the chief found their ad at the website if he did not come back.

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