Lake of the Chelyabinsk region (the list).

Southern Urals called the land of lakes, and it's true, because on its territory there are over 3 million, and the area under them is 2125 square kilometers.

Southern Urals Lake

These ponds adorn the eastern foothills of the Urals Chebarkul from and to the northern border region.So this series of lakes figuratively called blue necklace Urals.Lake of the Chelyabinsk region (the list is filled with them so different in appearance ponds), along with evergreen pines and birches belostvolnymi, often compared to the nature of Switzerland, because it is the standard of natural perfection.

If you continue to think about the beauty of the individual reservoir, it can not help wondering about what are the distinctive features of each lake, what is so attractive lakes of Chelyabinsk region.The list can start with a description of the case.

poetic lakes

Above all there is a lake Zyuratkul, its height above sea level is 724 meters.All the lakes of the South Urals are clean, but the most pristine reputation for being the following: Turgoyak, Uvildy (white patch can be seen at a depth of 19 meters and a half), Elovoe, Surgul, Zyuratkul.The most extensive water mirror lakes and Uvildy Irtyash.Uvildy, Kisegach and Turgoyak - the deepest lake of the Chelyabinsk region.List of "self" continues to turn the most capacious and it Uvildy and Turgoyak.On the basis of "poetry" can be identified such lakes Uvildy, which is given the name of "blue pearl of the Urals", Turgoyak - considered to be the younger brother of Lake Baikal and is called "lake-spring", Zyuratkul - "Heart Lake, Ural Ritz."


The more attractive lakes of Chelyabinsk region?List of beautiful ponds with clean water and the distinctive features of each can be continued indefinitely, but should also talk about the other.For example, that on the shores of the lakes are numerous camp sites and resorts in leisure and hotels, hotels and even a VIP cottage.Of course, how to enjoy the beauty, if you have nowhere to live?

Near lake Elovoe created a modern hotel complex, which is called "Ural Zori".On the shores of Lake Turgoyak settled sports and tourist complex "Golden Beach".On the banks of the lake there is a place where you can live together with their children, as to all the features, it's family-friendly hotel "Fongrad."

Moving further along the blue ring, notice Zyuratkul lake with a comfortable base of rest, having the same name with a pond.On the basis of all the conditions for recreation, there is a high-end homes and a hotel for the budget conscious people.It's nice to relax after the hustle of the metropolis and to connect with nature is possible in the lake Big Elanchik, it is equipped with the VIP cottages "Springs".

If you are an avid fisherman, the South Urals - this is the place where you can catch with interest, and eat with pleasure.There are paid specifically for lake fishing.

Lake Caldey

This lake is shallow with a maximum depth of seven meters.The length of Caldey - six kilometers, the width - about 4. This freshwater lake, but has a slightly salty taste, the water is clean and clear so that at a depth of three meters, you can see the sandy bottom.Holidaymakers are attracted by sandy beach, covered with mixed forests, where there are conditions for the collection of mushrooms and berries.

Pond known for good fishing.Therefore, the lake Caldey endless string of fishermen are drawn, these places are rich in carp, perch, dace, bream, carp, pike, burbot.Fans of cancers and there is a lesson - there are many cancers.

Lake Tishka

fifty kilometers from the capital of the South Urals is Lake Tishka, familiar to many fishermen, the size of their fish.It is home to carp, carp, wonderful conditions for fishing, but fishing is paid, the cost of tickets is 300 rubles.This lake for fishing lovers and wild holiday.As a romantic holiday in a tent - and impossible to convey!However, for the fishermen who do not like tents, there is a separate house, which is called "House of the fisherman".There is also a hunting base, and where to tell stories from the life of the hunter.

Lake Tishka (Chelyabinsk region) stretches from north to south.On the sandy beach can be reached from the small towns and Surakova Tishka other coastlines are swamped with reeds and rushes.It would be interesting to look at the one located on the edge of the flooded forest.The lake water is fresh, it does not taste salty.

Lake Sugoyak

Moving from Chelyabinsk to the northeast of the village of Côte, you will see the picturesque lake Sugoyak.Its banks in places like specially arranged for a beach holiday.Sand shore alternate birch forest and wetlands on the east side of silt.Boggy shoreline, where growing reeds and cane, insignificant.

Lake Sugoyak (Chelyabinsk region) has the shape of the bowl, where the maximum depth of about eight meters, the average is 3.8 meters.This is one of the largest and deepest lakes Zauralye.Its length is four kilometers, stretches from north to south.

Waters called "fishing lake," his fame is heard far beyond the region.There rybachat sverdlovchane, tyumenchane, Bashkirs.This is particularly famous for its carp pond with gold and silver shimmer.But there are other inhabitants, such as perch, bream, cheese, pike, Rota.Beaches are equipped with various recreation centers, children's camps.